Want have a short haircut. How to say that in Vietnamese?

Looks like Military short haircut. Nothing fancy.
How do you say that in vietnamese?

Donysisi your profile indicates you've lived in at least 9 different country's, and you need help here getting a hair-cut??

Ok try "cắt giảm tất cả"

Hmm i don't really go to a salon to cut my hair since I always cut it on my own. :)
If you still haven't got your hair cut, I guess try to say "cắt ngắn hết "(cut it all short). Good Luck with the haircut!

Happi I like mine better. Doesn't that translate to "cut it all off" ?

Which one? I don't want To be bald! Please Don't fool me. Don't tell me one thing that actually means something else. Get A wired haircut is not fun.

And did you mean you give yourself a Coiffure? How's possible to do that?

Donysisi go with Happi's, mine will make you look like Yul Brenner. Jezzzz, 9 different country's. I don't know guy.

Donysity: One vote for Happi's or you can try "cắt kiểu/ngắn như chiến sỹ" or "cắt kiểu/ngắn như bộ đội" to make sure your hair style will looklike militaries'. Here, "chiến sỹ/bộ đội" means "military". I thought you are learning Vietnamese, aren't you?

kiku_hana he can't reply right now, he's on his way to buy a cellphone....

Budman 1: :lol::lol::lol: lol

Thanks guys. I'm ready to go now. And will let you know how it looks like later.

you should find a picture which look like the hair styte you want so that you just bring it follow you

Ok, guys. I got the haircut. Its not exactly what I expected, he cut back and sides short but leave up longer. I guess that's what popular in Vietnam, it looks ok. I also got a facial massage, it was awesome! All cost 120000, it's a cool price, I think.

Donysisi not a bad price? Only 6 times more than I pay for the same thing, and the barber comes to my house to do the cutting....

I usually pay 45,000 tops and thats more than what some barber shops charge, but they do a good job.

For those higher end salons, they can charge over 100,000 VND.

The cheapest I've paid was around 20,000 VND for just a cut, but its not the most ideal place if you care about a clean, A/C shop.

here's an idea, take a picture of the look that you want to the barber. :)

Budman1 :

Donysisi not a bad price? Only 6 times more than I pay for the same thing, and the barber comes to my house to do the cutting....

lol, I was thinking the same thing but Donny seemed happy with the price.

Last 3 times I've been to Vietnam my haircuts always free. They pick your ear wax, clip your nostril hairs, and facial you. Come to think of it what else did the $120k entail?

Get out of foreigner's enclaves and aim for 30 000 VND for the haircut and facial massage bit in an aircon place (less without), or about 50 000 with shampoo and head massage. 120 000 will get all that plus an hour's massage.

(For 70 000, the massage ending is relaxing, not happy...).

Hi there!
Look like Military short haircut in Vietnamese is "Đầu Đinh"

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