regarding post graduation in medical in germany for Indian MBBS

Hii...i am an indian mbbs passed in 2013 having around 1 yr of clinical experience in one well known corporate hospital here...m intrested fr pg programme in per d requirements m starting my german language course n completed A2 till now n hv plan to go till B2. I came to know from a hiring agency that after 2012 it became very difficult to get into germany as a doctor. They told me by getting only language course its quite hard to get into germany. You have to do some training course for about 8-10 months in germany which ll cost around € 15000 . N getting a german visa alone with B2 certificate is too tough. I dont have much ideas whats going on in any one can u plz help with a B2  certificate n good clinical knowledge will d german hospitals will get me a job n aftr dat i cn apply for my pg course or i hv to do something else...plz help me

Hello Everyone

I have completed my MBBS (5.5 years ) from India.
I have decided to to do Specialization from Germany. For last one month I am gathering all the info I can get on this subject.
The information on this subject is very scattered and its taking a lot of time.
I have  listed everything I have got, in a sequence as I know it (which is still not clear and i am still trying to fit it in.) If anyone here knows anything whats right and wrong in that, please clear it.
1.Get b2/c1 level German language certificate from india (or upto B1 from India and b2,c1 from germany)
2.Get all the documents translated, something called as Transcripts.
3.Get Visa (Really dont have any idea about which type visa and the necessary documents ) 
4.Apply at various German hospitals for post of Assistant doctor post. (Many have said said that its better to apply in person in Germany than by emails from your home)
5.Some of the hospitals will accept your application. (I think this Letter of Acceptance is necessary for getting visa but then again How can you get the letter if you haven't been to Germany in first place and for that you will need a Visa..... Very Confusing!!!)
6. then you go to Germany
7. Apply for Observership. You have to pay for Observership. From what I have read the fees for observership ranges from 3500-5500 euros.(Duration 4-6 months)
8.There ll be some kind of Proficiency test/ Equivalence test/ Competence Test. (still not clear that all these mean one and the same or they are different exams and what exactly you get after passing it.)
9. after you pass that test you will get Temporary License to practice medicine in Germany???.
10. There are some institutes from which you can do Preparatory course which helps you pass the Equivalence test.The course includes b2, c1 german language training, German Medical Terminology, German Healthcare system intro, practical observation at Hospital associated with the institute. (Not clear whether this is same as the Observer-ship or different. )
11. Then you will get job contract from one of the hospitals where you have applied for your dream specialization.
12. Not clear whether Hospital accepting your application(Letter of Acceptance) and Getting the Job contract  is one and the same or different.
13. You start working as an Assistant doctor, then after 1.5 years you appear for the Permanent Medical License Test called as Approbation.
14. You can appear for this test for max 3 times with 6 months in between each successive attempt.
15. After successfully getting the approbation you continue to serve in the same hospital. (It is not clear that the total duration of course is 6 years or you have to work for 6 years after getting approbation, which will make the course duration 7.5 years if you get your approbation in 1 attempt.)
16. After 6 years you appear for exam , and after passing it successfully you get your specialization.  END OF THE STORY!!!

Please let me know if this is the actual thing or am I missing something(I know I am missing lots of things).

Thanks .

Check for all the information you need, from an official source.

I did my mbbs frm india and i want to pursue post graduation in Germany so, i just wanted to know whether indian universities are recognised in Germany??

preet22 :

I did my mbbs frm india and i want to pursue post graduation in Germany so, i just wanted to know whether indian universities are recognised in Germany??

You can check the Anabin database for recognition of foreign degrees in Germany:
(available only in German language)

hello.. i completed my mbbs from india ..i would like to whether i can persue post graduation from germany and later on is that degree recognized in india to practise here in future?

You have to clarify this with the Indian authorities, not the German ones. Maybe you can post this question on the Indian forum.?

Same problem dude

I have done MBBS with 1 year internship from nepal. I want to pursue postgraduation in plastic surgery in germany. Can you please temme how are the jobs in hospitals for non- EU doctors?? Or hospitals prefer native doctors?

Of course hospitals prefer local doctors or those who can at least speak German (and understand the patients).
Is that any different in your country - or do you think it is wrong?

It's the same here. So what about doctors coming from non-eu countries? Do they get job in hospitals easily? Of course I know language is a must. I am planning to do postgraduation there.

I am not from a medical profession, so can only talk in general.
Very good German language skills are essential, so you should take classes (e.g. at your nearest Goethe institute) for a few years first, and visit German several times to practise the language.
Suitably skilled EU citizens must be hired first. Only if there are none, can foreigners be hired. I don't know if there is a shortage of doctors (I doubt it), so you need a specialization that is rare here.
Of course that also requires that your degree is recognised here. If you studied in Nepal, this might not be the case, but please check the Anabin database.

hello i am doing my mbbs from Russia , In  i will  be complete my medical school , i want to work in Germany as a doctor and do my post graduation. how can i apply for work and what are the things i required for my Pg and for work ?

You have probbly read this thread and other related information on the forum, right?
So tell us about your German language skills (which are essential to finding a place) and which hospitals you have already contacted or plan to contact.

I am planning to do my German language in Germany itself. Till now I have contacted helios hospital in Schwerin but haven't got any reply yet.
I want to know whether Non-EU students get their desired subject for specialisation or not? Bcoz I have heard from some that they don't give clinical subject to Non-EU much is it true?

Hello Friends

Please visit to understand the concept and possibilities of PG Medicine/Surgery training in Germany.


Which link???

Hello Dr Kanodia

Doing German language program in Germany is not a good idea(financially) if you are living in India. Indian has lots of option to study language. Offcourse, you can opt to study the final module of the language in Germany.

Hospitals wont respond because they are already getting applications from many residing in Germany-So, there is no pressing need to respond to someone who is not eligible at the point in time.


The link will be visible soon. It is under review by the Admin at the moment,


Hello ALL

The basic eligibility for an India doctor who wishes to take a serious shot at a PG Training position in Germany is as below-(based on empirical evidence and not according to the laid out minimum eligibility criteria)

1. Medical Degree(MBBS); IF fresh, then atleast have a German Grade average of 3 (translates to atleast 65% in MBBS)

2. Experience of 2-3 years can compensate for the lack of minimum grades.

3. Advanced German language skills - C1 level desired

4. Knowledge of Medical German terms.

5. Have Approbation (License to practice medicine in Germany)

The above is the basic eligibility; however, to successfully apply for a PG Training position in a Hospital, much more in terms of soft skills are expected; most important being the ability to assimilate the German culture.

check out

Hi there, myself tavish, I m from India,
I m planning to do mbbs in Georgia then I m planning to do md in germany. I just wanted to know after doing md in Germany would I b able to do good in India like in hospitals with a handsome salary.
Waiting for your reply

Hi , iam pavithra doing my 5th year of MD in Yerevan State Medical University .one more year left for me to complete my degree. I planned to study german language until b2. I need to know whether any of you entered germany ? And how ?

Hi I am sridevi..I am doin my md pathology in kerala, there any probability in getting as a training post in hospitals in germany after completing my MD here..I am planning to study german language until b2

I have done my mbbs in china ... can I directly apply for German language exam without clearing my McI exam in India ?

I don't know what a "Mcl exam" is, but your German language skills certifications is certainly independent of it.

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