First Month in Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

Hi all,
I see all e-mails etc starts with Dear............ I am from
South Africa and specially from Cape Town area. There we have a much more relaxed approach.
My first month in Riyadh was one of getting my Iqama, my drivers licence and trying to drive on the roads in the city. I drove in Italy and Rome specifically but never have I experienced this driver frency as here.
I enjoy Saudi as a country and like the open dessert plains. Of course I have not experience the heat yet but will get there. Accommodation in a compound is something of a mission. To work a daily job and find places to visit and get an impression of the compounds is a very difficult task. Making appointments with compound managers that is never in the office proof to be beyond my capabilities. Somewhere I will found one.
The weekend system here is still crashing my metabolism. For the last 33 years of my working life Friday was the last working day of the week, Saturday was Rugby!!! and a piece of meat on the coals for supper.
Ok so now it is different and need to get used to it.
Everything is so affordable here. How will I ever get use to a country like South Africa again, were you get taxed to death and prices is forever on the increase.
It is good to be here and I hope to be able to contribute in this country a lot to be proud of.

Dear Harry,  (sorry - could not resist!!)

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!!!  It does take a while to get used to everything here.  I have been here almost 2 years now and the whole work week thing is still difficult to comprehend at times.  I just play the 1st week day, 2nd weekday ... game in my head - it keeps me sane that way!!  Haha.  For some reason TGIW just does not do it for me!!

Best of luck with the compound.  I got lucky with mine just because one of my colleagues lives in the same compound and he helped me secure my place.  I still had to stay a month at a hotel before I can move in but it all worked out in the end.

Driving ... well - good luck on that as well.  I chose not to even bother here.  No one (locals AND expats alike - especially those expats who have been here a looong time) has any regard (nor care) for the rules.  Common sense is certainly not common here when it comes to driving and driving rules.

Enjoy your stay in country!!

Thanks Houstonion.
So true if you work on week day names everything falls flat. Good to see you enjoyed my story.
Cheers for now

Thats good
hope you will enjoy here
welcome buddy

Thank you for the good wishes and I am already enjoying it. Sure there is many more to come.

Welcome Harry. Good to have you here and hope you get to enjoy and accommodate KSA. An open mind with a spirit for adventure would ease you into daily life here.

Good luck and do let me know if I could be of any assistance.

Hi Harry

Welcome to Saudi. your story is very nice.
I like South Africa. I met a head nurse in hospital and she was very plesant lady.

good luck finding a compound, my advise try to find near your work area if possible.

what are you working here?

Just try to avoid traffic jam :)


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