Im in boston since september and im still struggling in english.How can i find a part time volunteer job in order to improve my speaking english. Any tips pleaaaase? thanks


What language do you speak?

There are a lot of volunteer opportunities in Boston. Reading at the library or at a homeless family shelter. Hospitals, food pantries and so one.

Tip #1: "I have been in Boston since September and I'm still struggling with English. How can I find a part time volunteer job in order to improve my English speaking? Any tips, please? Thanks."

Join the Occupy Wall Street group in Boston. They'll teach you everything you need to know about American English. Of course you'll have to live in a tent on the street, but, hey, its for a good cause.

Russian people can watch American movies with subtitles in Russian to increase speaking ability...

Other than that, if you don't speak English well, not many organizations will be able to use you, because you don't speak English.

New york might be a better option for you, there should be a Russian Diaspora there.

hello, i speak russian and french

Thanks 'haileyhongkong' but what about tip#2:/

thanks Boston mama and kyiv