Trying to Decide where to Expatriate to...

Hello All,

I am seriously considering expatriating to a different country. I'm currently living in Orlando, FL USA and I'm trying to decide on which country best fits what I am looking for. I have considered four countries as of this moment: Cambodia, China, Vietnam and Thailand.

I have done a good bit of research into the quality of living in each of these countries, but I thought I would ask for you alls opinion, especially those that have lived in one or two of the countries above.

What I desire is to have a laid back lifestyle, not the hustle and bustle of corporate America, if you all know what that is like.  So basically, I want a small town, less than 6000 residents but within two hours of a major city. I would like to immerse myself in their culture so a large foreign community is not needed, but a few here and there isn't a deal breaker either. My biggest concern, like all others, is cost of living. If I do it relatively soon I would have to live off of 1k a month. At least until I find a job in the education or healthcare field.

I'm more drawn to rural areas, so is cost of living cheaper or higher? On a general principle. I know it's a case by case basis depending on what country I decide.

I will be travelling to SE Asia this summer trying to find a place that fits, I would just like some ideas of area and true cost of living in these countries.

Thank you all, those who try to respond, I appreciate the help given.


Don’t know if you’re still monitoring this post, but here are some thoughts.

Forget China, its place to visit or work, not settle in. Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand then. Thailand is getting quite expensive now though for $1k you could manage, especially in rural areas. The money you have is about the same as you’d get as a teacher. In both Vietnam and Cambodia you could manage quite nicely on what you have without working.  All rural areas are cheaper than the cities and that’s because there’s no money to be made there and the amenities are sometimes, well, sort of basic.

If you’re still monitoring this, feel free to ask specific questions.

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