Who wants to live in my house for free as a friend?! :)

hello there,
I am 20 years old girl from South korea, am currently in London .
But I will be south korea on 2nd of April to 1st of September.
I used to live in Seoul however as my hometown is Deagu,we will be staying in Deagu! but I will tour with you! :)
I am very interested in Language, and need to speak very well as well :)
I would like to find my English or Japanese flatmate/friend (you don't need to pay a rent) to speak English or Japanese!
I speak Korean and English, but have a very little knowledge of Japanese.
Both English and Japanese welcome :) If you interested in, please feel free to contact me!
I am very open mind and easy going person :)!
Thank you!

Hey ... Hello dear !! I will be in Korea on April for holiday I'm from Philippines but I'm living in Singapore , I can speak English and a bit japanse as well because I'm working in a Japanese company here in Singapore as a receptionist !! And so il be looking some mates over in Korean to go shopping and drink clubbing , in a quiet short stay in there, I used to e with my European friends but not sure if their coming with me because of their schedule of work too.  Would love to be my accompany soon. cheers


Hello Dear i'm imran & i wanted to making friendship with you .
I'm well knowledge of english Speaking, Listing or writing .
So please contact to me as for friend.

Hi I am a prospective student in Korea and will like to be friends with you. U can contact me if u re ok with that. I speak read and write English fluently. Thanks

Hey ^^
my name is Holly and I'm very interested in living at your place xD
Ok this all sounds so weird xD
Well my name is Holly and I'm from Germany. I'm fluent in German and English and I talk a bit french.
I am an really outgoing person! xD I'm 16 and I'll come to Seoul in Summer. Starting from the 26.06.13 and I'll go ...dunno I think on the 18.08.13 xD I'll search for my dates later ^^
Uhm if you don't mind add me on facebook.

I think it would be better to get to know each other via fb xD

Holly ^~^

Hi Shie,

I'm Urbing also from the Philippines currently working here in Seoul. Though I'm not quite familiar in all the places, I know a few which are good to hang out.

my name's Thu and I'm from Vietnam, but I:m interested in Korea and want to know more about this country. Besides, I also eager to learn languages, especially English so do you want to make friend and share each other? If you you are interesting free feel free for contact me


I am also staying in Korea and know quite well about Korean places / food and language and yeah culture too.........

If anyone of you are interested in knowing about Korean style or exploring........feel free to shoot me a message anytime.

I would be more than ready to help you.

Korea is really very nice place to live and enjoy and yeah Koreans too....


Hi guys !!! Alright then my flight has been confirmed il be coming over in Seoul Korea on April 26 till may 3rd ... Feel free to accompany me when I've got there !! Hopefully this pretty cool people , I'm very adventurous person , lets go skiing , shopping, drink, clubbing !! Any nationalities don't care tho:)  see you soon  Korea :) cheers :)


Hi Shin,

Nice to hear that your tickets and dates are final!!!

Wish to see you in Korea is soon.

I can assure you that you will enjoy your stay in this beautiful country.

For any help or query feel free to message me.

Hope to see you soon.


I wish I still wasn't attending school. If I wasn't I would pack my luggage right now and join you )-;

   how aare you and hope  you are doing ok. i know i might not match the discrption you need bt am a male cameroonian plaining to move to seoul very soon bt i have no friend so would like you to be my friend as i am very good in English and french language and love making friends. you could contact me on [email protected] will be glad to know you ar you can but me in contact with any male korean so we be in contact.

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