New in Saigon.. Need friends.

Hi everyone. My name is Misty, Filipna but currently in Saigon. I have been here for a week now. I am located in Pham Ngu lao, backpackers street. Wish to meet new friends here.

Have a great day!


Welcome to HCMC!
By the way, your name is extremely long!

@Donysisi- Thank You. Long but lovely name, right.

hello kabayan,
how's your stay so far?
you've got the right place especially for a night life.
how long will you stay?

Dan Joseph Rafael,

Welcome to Vietnam
I'm local here, if u need any help plse don't hesitate to contact me
im willing to help u, as u see Vietnamese are very hospitable and friendly, that is what i wish to show u
contact me at laivu96[at]

Yo Kabayan! See you around.. :-)

Welcome Misty & hope that you will enjoy your stay here ! :)

I just come back to Vietnam after a few years living in the US, so I'm glad to be friends with everyone and if you need any help around just let me know (not like I know a lot about directions or street names though :P ) but you can always contact me at happinguyen /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\

Nice to know you!

i'm glad to be your friends :D maby we can hang out and have some drink. near where you live.
dear ^^

Hey, nice to meet you. Hope you always enjoy your days at hcm city :))) By the way, im Mi, yoy can call me Ki :)) if ypu have fb, email or skye, you can contact me at Mikieu Nguyen, mikieunguyen[at] or mikieunguyen. Have a sweet dream!

Hi Misty!

I'm Linnea, 22 year old from Sweden. I'm also staying in Saigon, don't really know for how long, really like it here. But it would be really nice to meet up with someone who is also new in the town. So if you feel like have a coffee or something some day, just send me a mail and we organize something :)

Hey Linnea
welcome to the HCMC, & welcome to the!

PS, did you adapt the climate here? I guess it should be pretty hot for people come from north.

Hi Linnea,

nice to meet you just drop me inbox i am also new in the town.
or send me a email  Rafaqatb[at]

Yeah, nice to know you :)

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