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Hi all,
I am 37 asian male ,having expirence in Health ,safty and fire fighting,I passed secondary and heighir secondary cetificatin from Pakistan International school,Riyadh,Saudi Arabia in 1993.Its my 4th visit here and  know i came this time after 18 years.I am facing a trouble in spoken english,I forget every thing when i want to talk with some one,I confused when try to make sentenses during conversation.I am also learning and listning from many english sites for 6 months.I can read and write english but i can not speak because i am not speaking regularly in my daily life.I have appopritiate vocabulary , Knowldege of tenses but doubt in grammar.Any male and female who need a good long term relationship with the sense that he/she will help me to improve my spoken english.I  would be glad if native speaker contact me but i will be also thankful and welcome any comment or soggestion or oppinion from any one.I would like to chat , gossip ,share ,talk on cell phone and skype.for more details about myself please write to me.I am looking forward for a nice guy.
Thanks all
Anser Mehmood

Hello anserawan.

The Community section in the Riyadh classifieds could help. You can post an advert there. :)

Thank you,

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