Looking for a long-term rental in Budapest starting this April

I will move to Budapest this April and I am looking to rent a fully equipped and furnished 1 bedroom apartment for at least 18 months. Rent should be maximum 300 EU/month.

What are the best areas and can I find good accommodation at this price?

Can you guys recommend good rental sites or real estate agencies?

Thank you!


Hello LuizaC and welcome to Expat.com!

I suggest you to post an advert in the section Housing in Budapest, it may help.;)



That price sounds doable, but don't expect a luxury flat in the embassy district :-)

But you won't have to hunt for the cheapest either.

So we'll need your definition of "good":
You'll want somewhere close to your work, so we need to know where that is. But other than that, do you like peace and quiet? Or nightlife? Safety? Lively neighbors? etc.

You should probably come and see for yourself staying somewhere short-term before making up your mind.


Thank you for your message.
means clean, new/modern, fully furnished  and fully equipped, balcony/terrace. 1 bedroom. Should be somewhere in the center (districts 5/6/7/8/9)and close to public transportation. My office is in district 9 but will probably move close to city center.
I prefer a quiet area, but it is not a must.
It will be a long-term rental so I prefer English speaking landlords (I don't speak Hungarian).

I plan to visit Budapest and see some apartments 22-24 March, so if you have something please let me know asap.



Oh, not me, nothing specific, just trying to help narrow it down. Different parts of the city are "good" for different people :-)
(and for some people it's not good at all, and live in nearby towns and villages and commute, like me.)

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