Moving to tunisia for Marriage

Dear Friends,

I want to move to Tunisia to marry the love of my life, but the problem is that i can't find a job there for me, specially that i speak English and not french. The situation is not good for my future wife as she cannot move out of Tunisia because of her children. I don't want to loose her, or loose the hope of being there with her forever. I'm an experienced sales & marketing with 18 years of experience in that field, beside events management too.

any advise ..... please.

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I hope that you'll soon be advised.
Have you browsed through the forum? It may be helpful.;)

You may also post an advert in the section Jobs in Tunisia.:)


I am also looking for any IT web developer or a teacher job in Tunisia. please is there anyone know it inform me.

Hello sulemankhan921 -> Can you please post an advert in the Jobs in Tunisia section? :)

Thank you,

thanks for informing me!

Hi there'
Its nice to be in love, however you need alos to focus on how you would do to survive in Tunisia , well im not going to discourage you , however it will be a tough one as , there are too many unemployed in Tunsia , and the economy is not promessing, So get maried and then you decide what to do , you can always take your wife and step kids and move to another country with more apportunity, But my friend you do what makes you happy , live is short , So Good luck

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