Hi from Saddleworth

Hi all

I'm new to the site is I'm just saying hello.  I'm not currently an expat but hoping to be by the end of the summer.

My Name is Lindsey I'm 36 and married with an 11year old son.  I am currently a secondary school science teacher but my specialism is Forensic Science.  In my former life I was a nightclub/hotel manager so have travelled the UK lots and hope to expand that out in the wider world.

I'm not a very girly girl apart from my love of shoes and handbags.  I love sports and I am a life long Man City supporter. we are also huge rugby league fans spending many a Sunday watching Huddersfield giants.

So I guess that's me in a nutshell. I've read a few posts and seen there are lots of lovely folks out there so I'm looking forward to virtually meeting some of you xx

Hello Lindsey,

welcome to Expat.com!

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Hi Lindsey,

Mancity beat us yesterday,am a teacher too would like you to come visit Tanzania and Uganda

Hello Lindsey,

I am originally from shaw, first moved away at 19.  I have travelled alot through teaching, you should consider many schools will offer packages for families so your child gets international private education too, though not all schools are great.

Hello from New Barnsley, Jakarta.

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