URGENT!Please HELP me answering those issues before accepting an offer

Dear Expats,

I am currently based in Paris. I was offered a week ago a posiition to join the office based in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) as a technical pre sales manager.
Today, I got the call from the local manager of the Saudi office. We talked for almost an hour.

Concerning the package.
it will consists on a basic salary + allowance for housing+ allowance for transportation and insurance. He was asking me what is my expectation for the basic salary?
He told me that for allowance for housing, I should expect (~70k SR), and for transportation allowance , I should expect something between (2000-4000 SR).

I am really worried about not being able to define the correct value of my salary? I don’t wanna offend them by asking too much and also, asking too low neither).

To be sincere, I m confused.

So, please help me defining my basic salary expectations.

I was going to ask for 25000 SR. Is that too much or it’s reasonable in my case, since I need to absorb those extra charges of having my wife still living in France and keeping my expensive apartment in downtown of Paris and also, because keeping paying her tuition charges and insurance charges. In addition, myself will be calling her and travelling back to France more often!!!

Please help me.
I am really confused and they are asking me to send them by the end of the day,  my basic salary expectation and all other issues.

it is worth what you are willing to be here for

end of story

The way i will do it, money wise , to make it worth being here use this formula ( what you are making now x3) the rest is for you to decid ...

Thank you guys for your reactivity,
I appreciate a lot your advices.

doubt you will get that in the contract.  actually 100% sure you wont

I must say that I never heard of an employer that will give such guarantee for promoting an employee ... Ideally promotions are based on performance and kissing the boss axx


Sorry for you

besides. 6 years isnt all that long to be doing something.

If its that hard for you to swallow and it feels this bad for you to walk into it,then you know what to do . Totally your call

Freshlikesushi wrote:

Sorry for you

besides. 6 years isnt all that long to be doing something.

Some fields, Technical does not need an eternity to be expert on it.

a title means nothing.  you do what they want to do.

you dont come to KSA to further your career. you come here to make money

Quick question on the a comment above. The 3x what you are  currently making, should that be your base, plus housing, travel, insurance, etc. or all inclusive.


It that doesnt count for us.

thats mainly TCN ideals.  Westerners normally wont make 3x what we make in our home countries.  if it is worth it to you, then go. if not stay home

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