HIV/Health Insurance in Europe

Hi everyone,

I'm a 25 year old American, I have been planning to get a Masters Degree in Europe for some time. I hope to apply to numerous programs all over Europe next year, for the 2014-2015 school year. I hope to use this as a springboard for a career in Europe, eventually earning citizenship.

Anyway, I recently started dating someone who is HIV positive. He actually has already lived abroad and is open to the idea of also earning a graduate degree abroad, which is great, but I wonder how difficult it will be to make this happen with his medical condition. We realize that there will be challenges both financial and otherwise, and I've found a ton of information on quality of care in certain countries vs others, but what I'm really concerned about is getting insurance.

The majority of schools I've been considering are in Germany, Norway, Finland, France and the Baltic States. All of the universities of course require insurance for very affordable prices, but there's little to no information on pre-existing conditions, especially ones as expensive as HIV. Some have mentioned that students can also purchase supplementary insurance on top of the public system (when that's available to students), but I've also read that private insurance companies are likely to deny coverage, especially in Germany. We're NOT looking to mooch off European tax-payers - we're willing to pay higher premiums, etc, but we don't want to venture into anything if it's basically impossible in one country or another.

So, has anyone had any experience navigating European health care, particularly in regards to HIV/AIDS? Are any of the countries I've listed above generally more favorable for us than others? Any insight at all would be appreciated - I've exhausted my Google searching abilities :)

Thanks so much!!

Hi EuroPhile4986 and welcome to!

Maybe you should ask on each forum as it may differ in countries i guess.

Good luck in your search.

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