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Hi all

I must say that I am new to this site but felt some relief when I found it. I must ask you who read this, that I'm going down on my knees to find someone that could help me a bit along the way.

My name is Angelica Svensson and I'm a girl who lives in Sweden. The reason I write this is because I want to find the small internship jobs available around holland/Amsterdam because i feel that i have to take another step out in what we call life.. I am a hard working girl and has no problem to clear my work fully, The only problem I have is finding them. I work hard to learn Dutch, and i learn more and more each day thanks to friends and even my boyfriend who is born and living in amsterdam.

I have translations on my Cv'n both Swedish, English and Dutch just to make everything a little easier for those who are interested by me.

If its sounds interesting or you know anyone that need a extra hand, please contact me and ill send you my Cv And i would love to chat.

Your Angelica Svensson

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