english and mandarin speaking maid is available

Hi all,
My name is fitria nurhayati.I am 24 years old.I would like to offer you my service.I had experience working with Canadian family.I speak fluent English.I also had experience working abroad.in Singapore for 2 years as a nanny with Chinese family.in hongkong for tqkong care of baby(infants).
I have recomendation letter from my previous employer too.

Looking forward to hear from you,


Hi there,

could you please post in the jobs section ?

Thanks !

Hello Nurhayati,

I am looking for a live-in maid who can speak a bit of chinese.

We are going to live in Executive Paradise, Jl Antasari. If you are still looking for a job or you have a friend who is looking for a job, please mail me to nhdleather[at]gmail.com.

Thank you and regards


Fitria, would you be up for a move to Bali?

I can tell you that there are a number of expats here who would love to get their kids tutored in Mandarin.

With your credentials you'd have no problem getting a really nice position here in Ubud.

Hello Nina.

You may post an advert on this page --> Housemaid jobs in Indonesia.

Hope it helps.


Karen :)

Hello Karen,

thank you very much for your help. Will try my luck!



Hello Fitria,
are you still available? I have an employer that is looking for a Nanny/Housekeeper here in Azerbaijan. They prefer Filipino, but If I recommend you, nationality is not a matter as long as you can speak English and do the job excellently.

Please contact me as soon as possible. +994 50 587 3934

Hi marose > this is an old topic. For you job offer i invite you to post it in the jobs in Azerbaijan section, also pls avoid putting your phone number on the forum. Thank you.

Hi Marose....send me your email ,so as to send your message..it's slow here.

I have experien work at Taiwan n Singapore. I can speaking Mandarin n English.

Asihyuwati :

I have experien work at Taiwan n Singapore. I can speaking Mandarin n English.

The thread is years old.
Create a CV in the "Jobs" section at the top of this page and you have a chance.

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