Hi Pennie, we are thinking of relocating to Florida and have found your information on here very helpful. We have 2 children, and 1 dog would you say that a sponsorship visa would be a better road to take than the e2 visa if you have kids? We would be looking to still buy a business but am I right in thinking you cannot become a resident on an e2 visa? If we sold our house in London we could hopefully buy 2 houses in Florida and support ourselves by renting one out for a while but my concern is that my boys are able to work when they get older. Do you sponsor people from the uk? Or how do we best go about finding sponsorship, any advice would be greatly appreciated - Claire

Hi There I am planning to avail E2. I am buying a convenient store of my cousin who is an immigrant of USA. the business is running for only 6 months and is growing well. but as per business requirement I will have to invest K40. will it be fine be ok to cover my E2 status.

To qualify as an immigrant investor, a foreign national must invest, without borrowing, the following minimum qualifying capital dollar amounts in a qualifying commercial enterprise:.
$1,000,000 (U.S.); or
$500,000 (U.S.) in a high-unemployment or rural area, considered a targeted employment area. 

A qualifying investment must, within two years, create full-time jobs for at least 10 U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, or other immigrants authorized to work in the United States, not including the investor and the investor’s spouse, sons, or daughters.. … l#overview

Hi, i know your post was 3 yrs ago but how did things go re move to siesta key/ i have bought a house in sarasota and travel out there in an east at the moment but looking at perhaps buying into a business of some type, i was interested in perhaps pool cleaning , please don't laugh, purely as i do my own pool back here and i know something about it and to be honest i really don't want to be working full time as i have now retired but an income of some type would be good etc, with the view to just managing it while some one else is out cleaning. On another note i see you are on about a letting company which would be helpful as in the meantime i want to rent my house out while I'm not there so any pointers/advise would be helpful.



We are now in a great position.  enjoying having homes now back in UK and USA. Just dont give up and keep trying

Hoping someone could kindly give me advice as I have E2 for Hotel, may I purchase Daycare business with this E2? Thanks

I am going for my 2nd renewal of E2 (Initial was 3 yr from London, 2nd renewal from London 5 yrs), and this time I would like to do it from DR, also I would like to prepare application myself, I do not wish to use any Attorney ( do I need a cover letter from attorney, or the one prepared by me will be fine, if this is the case do yo have a sample cover letter. Also what other documents and forms I need to fill up. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Kind Regards

Hi Chappers, we also are hoping to get an E2 visa for the same thing and reasons, my husband wants to retire but obviously you can't in the USA From England, so a pool cleaning business it is as he has interest now in the pool maintenance any advise....... Did you get your visa etc

Hi Gillsfancy
I have read your story on your success in the states and we are about to go through this with a pool cleaning business near or in Kissimmee as we own a home there, we are still looking and understand that due-diligence is required but that should go without saying and congratulations on your business, any tips on looking for a business and the visa tips, we havnt a great deal to invest so we are hoping to get a good strong small business that hopefully we will be able to build on using on going cash
Any tips would be greatly appreciated

Regards pat

Yes immigration is about how much money you have and time consuming

Just wondering though, An immigration lawyer I spoke with in San Diego said it is possible to transition from an E2 to an EB-5 which in turn gives the possibility for applying for a green card. Is that not true?

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