We called them and set up the appointment - some tips are:

stay at the courtyard marriott which is right next door.
Get a driver to take you to and from the airport.

After your appointment find a resort and stay on it, we stayed at Grande Bahia which was all inclusive. They have quite a few of them in the Dominican, very good value for money , great food and clean.

Do not drive around after 6pm!! ( we were stopped by the police and they took our drivers license - had to pay to get it back, this happens a lot!!)

The Embassy accepts visa cards so there is no need to carry cash in there.

Go to the bank for the visa receipts a day before your appointment - if you can not speak spanish try and take an interpreter, my husband went in the bank at 10am and got out around 1.30, it was a very stressy task!

If you are crazy enough to drive, take out tire insurance and collision insurance - when you get into Santo Domingo you will see what i mean.

beware of the speed humps on the road as the will burst your tire ;)

After you appointment stay on a resort, did i already say that? hmmm must be important then, remember this is a 3rd world country which is right next to Haiti which is a 4th world country...

as long as you stay on the resort you will be ok x

What paperwork is required and how do you know what they require for the e2 renewal we have always gone through our imitation lawyer in UK

The weird thing with our renewal this time is that she didn't even look at our paperwork, she asked me questions as i am the primary but nothing to heavy, we have also gone from 20 employees to 1 in the past 5 years and the business has gone down hill drastically. Our attorney sent the cover letter and prepared the package for us but like i say she didn't ask to see it. We have gone through numerous attorneys over the past few years and the one we have now we are very happy with, i can send you details of him if you like he is in Sarasota.

My husband always gets all the paperwork together and then the attorney crosses the t's and dots the i's  we have had 2 successful renewals, one in mexico and this one in dominican

Hi Nickyb123
Can you please send me the name of your attorney in Sarasota. We are in the process of hiring one, and we already know one in Orlando. It's good to have a different opinion and estimate.

Thanks Nicky how long in advance did you file your report we have done the opposite from nothing to 1.7 million build out and franchising in the three years we were given not easy as we started in the ression we are very happy with atoning in the up but taking the kids back to UK for two weeks out of school is sucha big thing if our attorney can do all the paperwork then send it to embassy in dr it might be better.  I'm wondering if they are less intrusive in DR than in London  thanks for the info we have not booked flight but will talk to our attorney tomorrow as we are looking at putting the franchises through him and don't want to upset him, but we might end up changing  thanks again

Just one other thing does this count for the I94 as we're informed that you had to make a significant departure and Mexico and DR were not included ??

Yes it does count for the I94 both Dominican and Mexico do - you have to fly there as a cruise would not be acceptable.

We did not go to London because of the cost,
the kids being out of school for to long,
the wait which can be up to 8 weeks we were told,
and they would most probably not have renewed us there.

for the Dominican we went to the bank Monday, appointment Tuesday and picked up the passports Thursday. The one thing we have learnt through all of this is do not let the attorneys scare you into things, remember they are in this to make money so they might not suggest all options to you.

We always go to an attorney with a "we don't really know about visas" stance just to see if they are legit and know their business. 3 of them that we went to for advice did not.

also the attorney fees differ SO much!!! when we went to Mexico for our renewal we went to a top immigration attorney in Tampa, they scare you with legal jargon - this venture cost us 10 thousand dollars, we are still paying it off!!

This time we went to a small practice in Sarasota did most of the paperwork ourselves and it cost us 2 1/2 thousand... Huge difference.

All the information you need is on the USCIS website - it lets you know everything you will need for the application, we got our paperwork together something like 4 weeks before and we only gave it to the attorney to look over because a relative paid for it because they were worried that we had missed something.


thank you so much those the same reasons we dont want to go back to the uk mainly the schooling we had to take the kids backin march for 4 days for the i94s and they were so far back on their school work the school really shouted at us and they are now doing florida virtual to keep up.  My main problem is that the unit is due to open the weekend of thanksgiving and we need to renew 2nd december so a brand new unit and we wouldnt be there leaving it to staff to run for 2 weeks.  if it can be done this is great news as it will save so much in the business as well. We are going to contact our laywer in london tonight via email and see if he cant file this in DR i would go through another laywer but we are franchising and cant cut our nose off to spite our face. I think you are right that the renewal in London harder. Thanks again ill keep you updated
how long did you stay in dominica and how long before the passport was processed.  When we first got our E2 because we were setting up a brand new business we had to set everything up in the US then fly back to UK and then show the embassy what we did and then ask for the visa,again we had only just got the business going to have to close it down to return to the uk for 2 weeks as they said it could take up to 2 weeks to get it returned  it cost us a fortune not only in money but stress.  Flights at the moment are 760 gbp and up if we can avoid that then fantastic. Thanks again if this works i owe you a very big drink :)

We arrived in the Dominican Sunday
went to the bank to pay for the visas Monday
Appointment 10.30am Tuesday from the appointment went went to a resort (very important as Santo Domingo is like Beirut on a bad day)
Passports back Thursday
Back to good ole USA Sunday

remember the embassy takes visa which is awesome!!!!

Our son was not allowed more than 5 consecutive days out of college or they would have not let him back onto his course - no exceptions taken!!

When we were in the Embassy our youngest who is 11 actually saw his school friend there, very funny moment, "hey its Philippe, he was in my class and we were in the same basketball team" .. small world lol
feel free to ask anything that you may think of we only got back around 4 weeks ago so this is all "new" off the press info :)

thanks Nicky i know i must sound thick but if the embassy takes visa why do you have to go to the bank.  Our sonis in exactly the same position he really cant afford any time out of school.  apart from the cost it might mean having a christmas or not lol you said you found it tough at the bank is there anyway to over come it being so stressful apart form an interpreter...

You have to go to the bank to pay for the visa and get receipts which you then give to the embassy, you then have other fees to pay at the embassy (cant remember what they were for i will ask my husband when he gets home and give you a break down of the fees we paid)

You are a star Nicky we contact our guy in London via email this morning just waiting for a response if he says that he only deals with the London embassy can I get you guys details.  Our guy in London is great but he normally only deals with big corporations IBM BPS etc and he only delt with us on an E2 because he felt we re different and knew it would work he has never had a refusal, however good and bad he has made us document everything and I mean everything he has been like a headmaster over our shoulder.  Everyone we have spoken to has never know the amount that we have produced over the last three years. But he is good to his word and hs never let us down.  We have the blue prints and the contracts for the build out all our tax returns which have Ben done through a top financial firm and all our contracts with cities with a written letter from our business attorney outlining contracts and company wealth, along with awards tv productions and letters form cities and doctors as testimonials. I think this is probably more than most go to the embassy with but our lawyer always makes us feel like we need to do more ... When in fact all I see is people he always doing a lot less than we have from the start. W are looking at running the green card application his sugestion as my husband has a very unique skill and our business partner can sponsor him so that's our next thing which is why I hope we don't upset him to much by asking to file in DR, although maybe he is making out that he is the only one that can do this but actually with all the evidence we have any lawyer could get it though ??


Thank you so much for all the information. How did you get your passports back? Did you go back to the embassy for them on the Thursday? How did they contact you to let you know that they were ready?

Hi Nicky can let me know the details of your lawyer in Sarasota as our attorney in London has just replied this morning and said that he will not file anything in DR.

Thanks Nicky
Pennie Payne

Hey Daryl,

Your attorney does not need to file anything in the DR. You need a covering letter from an attorney, ds160 forms for each of you and all other supporting documents that are outlined on the US immigration website. We got back a few weeks ago from DR where they extended the E2 for 5 years. The interviewer didn't look at the supporting documents but it is best to have it all. They asked me about the financials of the business checking my ability to support my wife and four children. They also asked why I chose Florida.  I got pass the language barrier in the bank by having a sheet with the visa fees written out. You will need to pay $110(cash in DR currency) (exchange is around 40DOP to $1)for each person in the bank and an additional $160(you can use credit cards) in the consulate. My appointment was on the Tuesday and I went back to the consulate on the Wednesday to pick up the passports. You can make an appointment online once you have completed ds160s. Hope this helps.

Hi all,
I'm from Argentina, I bought 200 acres in 2008 in North Carolina and now I'm planning to move there with my family to raise cattle.
We got a E2 Visa for 3 years but when I traveled, the Custom Officer stamped me in the passport only 1 year and 6 months.
Now I'm planning to move with my family, and I'm about to start the first renew process.
My first concern is about the short time they will give us. I don't expect to get more than 2 years, for cattle is nothing.
The other concern is the Healthcare, so I assume we don't have any coverage, isn't it ?
Do you have any comment or advice ? Thank you !


Former CBP agent here.

Are you in the USA right now? It sounds like you are in Argentina?
Your visa is valid for 3 year? As notated on your passport?
The CBP agent upon arrival hand wrote the number of days or required exit date (1 year 6 months)?

Let me know the answers and I can help you further. If the CBP agent wrote anything in your passport it was for that stay only and unrelated to future visits.

Regardless, you can extend your stay in 2 year increments by filling out I-29 and E supplement at the closest USCIS service center. Your initial visit to the USA can not be more than 2 years however can be extended, so long as you stay in compliance with the TaC of your classification.

E-2's are NOT common occurrences and I have only dealt with maybe 3 in my entire life. If you feel the CBP agent is clueless, which they probably are ask for the duty supervisor at the PoE.


[at] Matt cbp's pointless  !!!! Lol so funny we were talking to two senior cbp's at mco and they said the same lol

Thank you Matt for your answer. Yes, I am in Argentina right now. The US embassy gave me 3 years Visa, on that time I went only 4 months to US and is about to expire. Now I am filling the form for an extension because I am willing to startup the business. I hope they give me more than 3 years since I am investing good money and Is hard to me to come back to Argentina and leave the cows alone or with an employee. I appreciate your advice so I will ask in the USCIS service center and if I can increment our stay once it expire (not the Visa, the stay), it will be a help. :)

No problem. Glad to help. Let me know if you need anything else.


Hello Nickyb123,

I am sorry, I realize it is an old thread but you seemed so happy with your immigration lawyer in Sarasota that I hoped that you could let us know how to contact him/her.
I am in Florida for at least a year with my husband who is a British citizen and I am going to start an E2 investment business or buy an existing one if I can find a serious one what currently is a hard job :-(.
It is really hard to find honest and professional people, it is worrying and scary even and I would really appreciate to be able to trust at least my immigration lawyer to prepare and advise me properly on my E2 visa application.   
Thank you so much for your help!

What I would like to know if I'm here on e2 visa and the business I came over on if I found I didn't like it and sell it is this something I can do  and also then reassign my lease for building to new owner  can I go onto buy a new business  and will my visa I have now cover this

Hi Nickyb123
Can you tell me the name of your attorney in Sarasota?


I am a teenager and my parents are going to be applying for an E2 visa to move to the United States, they are going to invest around $300,000-$500,000 on a business or two (probably petrol stations). Nowadays, I'm quite worried if the E2 visa does not get accepted (hopefully it does). We just recently came back from a holiday in LA, and my parents went to talk to a couple of attorneys regarding their E2 visa. The attorneys said that everything will happen and it will be fine, but i'm just worried that it doesn't get accepted because its my dream to move to LA.

My aunt is a permanent resident in USA (Green Card holder) and said that she is going to apply for a family based immigration for us for a green card because you cannot get a green card via an E2 visa. But if she apply's for my mum, does that mean my dad, me and my sister will get to go as well?

And I hope that all the other forms such as the I.. something will all get accepted (hopefully). My parents told me not to worry because everything (hopefully) will happen to plan. Also, I know that my sister will be turning 21 in a months time and she will be in a 50-50 partnership with my father.

We have a great chance for it all to succeed, I'm just still worried. (Going from the UK -> USA).

Hi. Can anyone recommend a good immigration attorney. Am currently in the UK and need someone to process my E2 application etc. thanks

Hi Annie - here please check this section ---> Immigration agencies in Florida :) as it might help !

Hi, We are in Florida also. Can you tell me how you went about getting your e2 visa renewed.


I'm looking for advice on renewing my E-2 visa in the DR. Is it still possible and has anyone got any stories good or bad to tell me.

Thank you,


Hello kstlewis and Nicky,

I'm very interested about renewing our E-2 through D R, I had a friend who done theirs in Barbados but I have now been told that they don't do it there anymore. Was it quite easy and do you have to go to the UK to get the visa into the passport? The last time we renewed we felt that the guy was trying to play with our futures and we really felt he was going to deny us. We have put so much into this country and don't want it taken away by someone who has no idea or cares on our struggles.

From your post it looks like you are not far from us and we would value any input that will help us.

Thank you,


Word of advice. If you are planning on anything to do with an E class visa, seek an attorney. They are not common, highly scrutinized and often unseen. As I posted previously, I have only dealt with them on three occasions and the training with them is few and far between.

If you live in Florida, just listen to the radio, there is a commercial that plays, OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again. Morgan and Morgan For the People. However just to spite them, I'd find someone else.

Thanks for the advice,

There are actually a lot more E-2's around than you think, we just keep our heads down and roll with the punches. I'm not looking to do anything illegal or shady, just trying to find a closer place to apply for a renewal when the time comes. Returning to the UK is costly, tiring and involves us removing the children from school for a long time.

I still need a lawyer to do the paperwork and no I wouldn't choose that firm either :)

Hello and good day,

Maybe I can help. I went through the E2 process a few times. If you need help with accommodations or purchasing property I would be glad to help. Currently I am in Fort Lauderdale. Call me with any questions (no charge)  :)

SJ Michael

This one is supposed to be very good,..we will be using him next year for our E2 application. We're Canadians and he's Canadian too. He's located in Sarasota Florida.

Jaensch Immigration Law Firm, speak to Peter Jaensch

Hi Everyone

I am in the process of applying for a E2 visa from the UK and would like to get an example of the cover letter. Could anyone provide me with one or a link to one? I have searched and no luck.


Are you doing the paperwork yourself ? Is this your first E2? I have just got mine done in DR with my own application I just re-vamped the cover letter from the one the lawyer put with my last E2. But London is a bit more picky, that's why I did not apply there this time.

Yes my first E2 and doing it myself. I did a B1 previously myself and setup and run a company in UK so feeling OK to go at it myself. Background is that I have already setup an LLC in US with my cousin, who resides there, currently in build out phase and we have additionally  acquired an existing business too.
So looking for an example letter to give me a better grasp

If you have all that in the process, you may want to look into other categories of visa's E2 is a very unfair visa and so far cannot become a green card, you cannot apply for homestead exemption and have to renew your drivers license and I94 frequently. I have had mine for 11 years, but my business is only small, if you will be employing quite a few Americans, research all your options.

PM your email and I will send a copy of the letter my lawyer put to the London Embassy 5 years ago which they accepted. For the visa I just got I basically copied that omitting the lawyers info and updated a few items.


Glad to hear you were able to renew it in Dominican. However, I have heard that Mexico cannot accept applications from third country for E-2 visa. Please check here. … exico.html


I emailed the santo Domingo embassy to ask if  I could renew my London visa. They replied that I could not renew, but they could issue the same visa there. So that's what I got, a new visa. I know a few people who have done this, but always check first as rules can change.

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