any Australians out there who have work in New Caledonia? What kind of job opportunities is there for someone who doesn't speak the language.

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Can you please introduce yourself and give more details of what you are looking for?

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Hi Brocky,

I have just moved to New Cal from Australia and started a new business, Luckily I have a French business partner as I would struggle big time if I didn't. Not many people speak English here so it would have its challenges. There is however huge potential for new business opportunities here as the local companies are not well supported from suppliers and have a lack resources to conduct their business

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Hi Benji W thank you for your message. My husband doesn't speak french but I do, I was actually born there advantange there. What kind of business have you set up there? Did you ran into any difficulties or was it relatively easy. How long did it take for your business to be up ad running.

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