Budding Photographers??

Hi all, I have been an ex-pat in the past and I know these communities are always full of the most amazing people-- that's why I brought my request here.
My fiancé and I will be Getting married this summer in Antigua. We will be traveling there next week (Feb 18 to 23) to finalize details on our wedding and we are hoping to get some engagement pictures in the beautiful city of Antigua. I had in mind some artistic photos incorporating the colonial elements of the city-- but have found it difficult to find a photographer.
So, I am wondering if there is someone out there who has a hobby in photography, an interest in helping us out? We would pay a fee for your time (we are thinking maybe just one hour?) and we have our own camera.
Please let me know if anyone is interested in helping two teachers take beautiful engagement pictures:)

I am an avid but beginning photographer who lives just on the  edge of antigua. I am a Canadian who has been here for over a year and half. If you send me a message to [email protected], I can send you a couple of samples of my work, including una boda de mi amigos, and some lovely shots of some of the colonial ruins and buildings.
my name is Michael and my phone is 4684-1870.
regardless, hope you have a wonderful time here.

error in email which I did not notice earlier
should be [email protected]