I am new coming to Al-khobar.What is the mean by compound?
How its differ from other?
Is there any PETROFAC compound there.

compound mean a bounded(walled) living area where mostlly western ppl are living . compounds are different from rest of the living areas,,,,,,,,,,,,, yes it , is. because there u can have security fredom entertainment and social life ,, but usually compounds are much more expesive to live ,

Thanks for reply.
May i know how much difference between out side rent and staying in compound rent.Any idea..pls.

It depends on the city, living area, the compound itself and some other factors. But in general for an apartment it’s X4-X5 and for a villa its X3-X4

normal compound starts from 80,000 SAR/YER TO 250,000 SAR / YEAR... APRTMENT ... 25000/YER TO 70.000 N VILLA 50,000 TO 150000

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