One of the Rarities Who Doesn't Want Seoul

Hey there. I first should mention I'm brand new to the expat site, and I figured I should try it out since I plan to be working abroad soon. I'll be a fresh college graduate in May, hopefully receiving my TEFL certification by the end of June, and searching for work directly after.

That being said, I know how valuable researching new locations are when it comes to travel. I've done a few trips on my own in the past - Canada, El Salvador, and Honduras - but nothing transcontinental. I'm set on starting my ESL career in South Korea for my own personal reasons. I'm trying to learn what Hangul and Korean I can through books (Of course a class or immersion would be better, but I'm doing what I can for the few months I have still in country.)

This post is for two main purposes. The first is to see if anyone has any relevant, up-to-date information on some different places in South Korea. Most of the posts I've found on other sites date back to 2004, unfortunately. I have the basics I think: Seoul is big, crowded, noisy, but lots of shopping/to do. Busan is less big, less crowded, but still city-ish. Daegu is even smaller, somewhat rural, more on the nature side. Are there any recommendations for locations for a nature guy who still wants to do some city things on his own time?

The second purpose is to just make some connections or friends thinking about the same path I want to take (perhaps ESL teaching in South Korea the later half of 2013), or anyone who has had experience with South Korea in general. The information may be out there, but we all know how quickly info reaches its expiration date.

I appreciate any and all advice!

Hi Ruloris!

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Hi! I live in Gyeonggi-do and love it! I'd recommend checking around Facebook, Craig's List, Work 'n, and Dave's ESL Cafe for job openings in Ansan, Suwon, Bucheon, Anyang, Incheon, and others in Gyeonggi-do. It's just far enough away from Seoul, but not too far.
Best wishes!

Thanks for the info, Sau. I haven't heard much about Gyeonggi-do, so I'll have to look into it.

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