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I´m living in Saudi already for 8 years and it´s a shame that we travelled the country so rarly. There was always an excuse and to be honest if you look for nice destinations to travel in KSA in the internet, you don´t get a lot of information. And safty was an issue also of course. But now we made several Tours with the best Tour Operator in Riyadh (the did win the excellence Award last year) and it was wonderful. We went as a family with 2 Kids (4 and 6 yr) and enjoyed the great tour, with a lot of information about the history and cultur of Saudi Arabia.
So would like to share the information here.

They offer a list of Trips monthly or also help you organize your own trip. They provide you with all necessary information, if you want to make the Trip by yourself (you get Hotel recomandation, maps, contacts of guides on the site and much more for a little charging fee). Here is the Haya Tour Facebook page where you also find a lot of pictures from their Tours:!/hayatours
Here is the Program Schedule for 2013 till May -
You can always contact them under: [email protected]

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Thank you for sharing this info. I wish there was something like this in Dammam


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I invite you to recommend this Tour Operator into the Riyadh Business directory.

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