Farasan Island for a week end

Yes, you can


Thank you for offering to answer some questions.
We are planning on visiting the Island together with our 3 children and would lik eot know if there is a company that organizes day out on a boat to explore the island and do some snorkeling? Do they provide the snorkeling equipment?
Many thanks

unfortunately, there's no companies for that, but there is local people who does that, if you need more information or contact details, i'll provide it to you.

can i get rent a car in Farsan island for one day.?

dear sir,

i don't think there is car rental companies.

hi sir, is it possible to just camp in the shoreline of the islands? we don't have a car nor hotel bookings, but we have a tent. we do this in rabigh area and the coast guards are totally OK with it and even check on us everytime. we are wondering if it's the same with farasan?
thank you.

Yeah, it's okay to go and camp, there's no issues

I would like to Farasan Island for a weekend with some friends. May someone share the contact of those apartments or a way to book them?

Thank you in advance

Lorenzo Angelilli

I stayed here twice :

Farasan Hotel
Farasan Island 88344
017 316 1166

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