I am new here. I called the Honduran Embassy in Wash.D.C. , U.S
Asked for rules to obtain residency Ex: Amount of income needed, Investment amount to qualify.  They sent me documents in Spanish and said hire a lawyer Gezzz. Does anyone know the rules? What is needed for a US citizen to qualify for residency in Honduras? Im not buying property if I cannot live there Thankyou Paul

Attorney Jorge Lopez can assist you with residency. He speaks 100% English and is in La Ceiba. Ask him about "investor status". Most of my clients are receiving residency this way.

Chris Barrett

Thx Chris How do I contact him from the U.S? DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS REQUIRED?

You can contact Jorge @  area504[at]

The investor status that I mentioned is an easy way for residency if you own a property in Honduras. YOu simply have to have a $50,000.00 USD investment. This can be a beach home for example that could be used for a B&B, tour site etc. You can't use raw land though. You will start a Honduran corp also.

This is the simple layout of investor status.

Hey Chris thx. What I cannot seem to grasp is that Costa Rica says $100 income $200,000 investment Ecuador $800 income $50,000 invest. etc Honduran embassy continue to send "requirements" But it never breaks it down to simple figures Basically saying" HIRE A LAWYER" I WISH someone would just say $ XXX.00 income OR invest $XXX in realestate. I could then decide whether or not to pursue a move or not. I have visited lots of countries Dont need the tourism aspect Just the residency facts. Dont know how to find out. Wrote Lopez but never heard back from him. Lost in the U.S.....

Hope this helps

$2,200.00 per month income

Here is Rommel Ruiz email. He is my other attourney that is also a notary.


You are kidding That is the most expensive of all the countries there. Belize is less. Whats the realestate investment criteria? Do you know Chris? Are you a resident? I appreciate your time my freind

Is that  rruiz201[at]

sider1000 :

Is that  rruiz201[at]

Yes that is correct @

Does not have to be real estate. It can be you have a $50K stake/invesrtment in a business for example. I just have clients that use investor status because they are purchasing property. The governement want's to see a business of some sort. So, my clients are starting Honduran corp's saying they are using their beach homes as a B&B, renting or working from home. 
I am not a rsident but easily could by different ways. My wife is a Honduran so I receive residency easy. Just have not had time to do so..


There must be something wrong with this email adress.


I sent an email but no one replied.
This was 2 weeks ago or so.
Can anyone tell me what documents are required by the lawyers in Honduras when we apply for the Investor's Visa?
I know what the embassy requires here in Canada and they want for us to fly to Ottawa.
I know the lady from Alberta didn't do that.
I don't know where you get those lawyers because someone put me in touch with a lawyer in Roatan and she gave me
exactly the same instructions that the Embassy of Honduras in Ottawa gave me.
I get the impression that the people in this blog  are afraid to  talk about this subject which makes me wonder if what they are doing is legal!
If not, why didn't anyone answer me previously?

Oh heavens! People doing illegal stuff in Honduras? Perish the thought. Everything,s legal here as long as you don,t get caught. That,s Bob Dylan, I believe.

At least I heard from you but people shy away from this subject.
One thing I know: they are saving a lot of money by not going to Ottawa not to mention that they charge a lot for each page that needs to be translated in case you were born in a different country.
If people would ask me to share with them which documents my lawyer had asked for,why not tell them?
This secrecy makes me wonder!
Any other song?
Maybe "Hit the road Jack" .... and come back to this subject no more,no more,no more!-LOL!

This is another options below:



Contact address and telephone number of the place where the inmigrant will reside

Recent photograph of 6cm x 5cm of frontal face, indicating at the reverse of the photograph the name of the applicant

Criminal records certificate from the place of origin and from his or her last domicile, notarized with its apostille

Criminal records from the Direccion Nacional de Investigacion Criminal de Honduras

Migratory movement issued by General Direction of Migration (the attorneys can obtain this)

Medical records certificate of good health

Complete photocopy of the passport, every page, duly notarized

Notarized photocopy of the applicant’s ID

Must provide information that proves the applicant receives permanente, licit and stable rent generated abroad no less than US$ 2,500.00

Certificate of goods, shares or other mean that generates the rent, duly notarized from the country of origin with its apostille.

Certificate from the local bank stating the rent the person receives in a monthly basis

Thanks for replying but  I don't want the  Rentist Residency.
I would like to know about the Investor's Visa the same way that the people who moved to La Ceiba (from Alberta) got.
They didn't have to fly all the way to Ottawa!

I used Abogada (Attorney) Lissette Sandoval at Lissette Sandoval [mailto:lsando46[at]] Lissette is a fine attorney and secured my residency recently. Be care with attorneys in Honduras - most of them are snakes and will try to bleed you dry with false promises and no results.My wife is an Hondurena and has known Lissette for over 30 years. Lisette is certified to practice bfore the Supreme Court in Honduras. Very nice lady and speaks excellent English. My residency was for marriage to an Hondura's citizen so your requirements will be different. Lssette's phone in Honduras is: O - 01150422311826 and C - 01150495113423. I live in Santa Lucia, Francisco Morazan, Honduras and have been here for three years - never regreted moving from Houston and really enjoy living here.


I appreciate your reply!
One of the lawyers wanted almost 500.00 just to tell me which documents I would need.
When I replied that I can  get that information for free on the Embassy's website he tried to convince me that each document is very hard to understand, etc...
It's a lie!
I was born in a different country and I already contacted the Consulate here in Toronto.
They told me that they will give me my birth certificate the same day and the marriage certificate the day after.
I contacted the police here and it's very easy to get a letter about my clean criminal record.
The other documents can be obtained in a short time  as well.
I told the lawyer that I had already been through this when I immigrated to Canada (I never used a lawyer then)
I just don't understand why people shy away from sharing with me the steps they took because it's the fact that they didn't have to go to the Embassy of Honduras in Ottawa that intrigues me.
Another thing that amazes me is how people try to convince me to get the Rentist Visa when I already mentioned that we bought 2 apartments (a guy from Remax suggested that and then Chris).
Again, I appreciate your reply but since we bought in Roatan it's better to get a lawyer that lives there.
The developer already suggested his own lawyers (he has several) but I don't know if it is the smart thing to do.
The Ambassadora here in Canada has been very nice and very helpful but how do I tell her;'Well, I'd rather not have to spend money in a flight to Ottawa and in the embassy's fees since others don't.".
I just think that if  people have nothing to hide they shouldn't be afraid to share their experience with others.
If they can get the Investor's status by buying a small bungalow with 2 bedrooms, it shouldn't be a problem for us since we bought 2 separate apartments and one of them is to rent.The other one too when we are not there!

Hi I am a Canadian planning on moving to Honduras. Hoping someone may be able to give me some information on what is needed. I am in a common-law relationship with a Honduran citizen. We have a child. On a previous visit to Honduras we took my daughter to register her for a "Constancia de permanencia" basically a stamp in her Canadian passport stating that she is aloud to remain in the country because she is a Honduran citizen by birth. I was hoping to obtain citizenship through my daughter being a Honduran citizen (since me and her father are not married) I have been trying to find out the requirements by contacting the Honduran consulate in Canada as well as a number of attorneys in Tegucigalpa, but been unsuccessful. I am hoping someone has experience in a similar situation and can point me in the right direction.

I understand that I have to somehow register my daughters birth in Honduras?

I am not sure if it may be easier, I do have family in Honduras that can "sell" me some land in a rural farming area, maybe I can start a farming business and get residency this way.

Hi Rachel,
I am a Canadian living in Trujillo,Honduras and I obtained my residency last December. I do not have children so it was a different situation. However, I used a very good lawyer in Tegucigalpa. Several other Canadians and Americans here have also used this lawyer with good, quick results.
If you are interested, I can give you her contact information.

Yes please. It has been a struggle trying to search for a reputable lawyer. Any recomendations would be greatly appreciated :)

Hi, I've been reading this Honduras forum for awhile and have never posted here before.
I am exploring different locations to possibly move in the near future, and have come across the residency topic but have not read or found any mention of renewals, some places require both celudas and permanent residency renewals every 4 years or etc..
So my question is once you have permanent residency, does it need to be renewed every so many years ? Is there anything that needs to be renewed?

Thanks for you time and your reply.

no once its done its done

can any tell me that how can i get honduran citizenship through my child who was born there... how long will it take to get residency and passport. ...??

How much income does one need to show from US to get residency in Honduras?  I live in Guanaja now. Also a reputable English speaking lawyer Please?? Thank you!!!

Hi, just joined in preparing for retirement.
I am also married to a hondurañia (30+years) and looking to get my passport/residency before moving there.
I have read the law (in both languages) and visited the local consulate. They told me I need to apply after residency there (residency route). I read the law that I am entitled having married a citizen.
Thinking I need an attorney there to help so your post was interesting.
Any other advice?



I am trying to get hold of lissette Sandoval who handled an adoption for me 28 years ago.  Do you have contact information, email, phone number, etc.  Thank you

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