Travelling Europe with Children

Any tips on travelling Europe with 4 children and a husband in a 6 berth campervan?  The last time I did this was with 5 Aussie backpackers in 1993.  In April for 3 months I will be travelling with my family which includes 4 children - Francesca 7, James 5, Nicholas 3 and William 2.  We will be landing in the UK and buying a campervan and then travelling to Greece and back.  Any suggestions of some child friendly places to visit.

Thanks, from Anita

Hello, Anita.

Just saw your post and was thinking - since you are going all the way down to Greece - why not stopping by in Bulgaria - Greece`s neighbour to the north? :)
There is so much to be seen in our country- Black Sea; the amazing waterfalls near "Stara planina" mountain; the noisy and modern big cities like Sofia and Varna; the calm villages, cuddled in the "Rhodopi" mountain; the famous seaside and ski resorts like Golden Sands and Bansko .. These are only a little part of all the treasures our country has! Just check the following links for more information:
Since I am currently living in Varna, I may say that it is definitely a child-friendly place to go :) These are some of the attractions your precious can enjoy here:
- "Detski kat" Complex - children’s amusement complex, situated in the Sea Garden of Varna. It offers a variety of attractions for kids of various ages, including attraction trains, an extreme ride, trampolines, bumper cars, bungee jumping, carousels, a Ferris wheel, mini-golf, a shooting range and many others. One of the main attractions is the small artificial lake with paddle boats and canoes rental. In winter the lake turns into a skating ground offering skate rentals.
- The Delphinarium of Varna - again located in the Sea Garden. It offers performance once a week. The performance from the 6 Bottlenose dolphins lasts about 40 minutes, they include dancing, acrobatics, balancing and games.1200 visitors can view the shows which have commentary in Bulgarian, Russian, German and English.
- Mall Varna - offers bowling, Darts and so many other things.
There is much more to enjoy here.. Of course, I just have to mention as well the beautiful beach :)

I hope you will find my information useful.If you have any other questions, or you need rental here - contact me.

Regards: sheenbg

Thanks so much for all the info - sounds great!  We will definately look at going through Bulgaria.

thanks, from Anita

You are welcome! :)

As I mentioned before - if you need more information or a place to stay while in Bulgaria - contact me!

Best wishes:

I just saw this. We have been camping in Europe as a family in a small motorhome since 2006, so have a ton of information on our blog on this topic:

soultravelers 3 Best Camping in Europe

We have spent months in Greece and have been on lots of great places on the way. It is easiest to take the luxury overnight ferry's from Barcelona to Rome (or Genoa) & another one from Venice to Athens. The cheapest method allows you to sleep in your camper and use it onboard.

Heavenly month in Santorini

Camping in Santorini is fantastic ( not in July or August).We spent a month there and loved it!  Also do not miss Delphi, Olympia.

You will have a ball & RVing is the best way to go as a family!

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