Looking for Hospital Volunteer Work


Long story short:
I'm looking for hospital suggestions and for people who would be willing to take me with them to their already established volunteer gigs/go with me to look for new volunteering/shadowing opportunities in hospitals.

Long story long:
My name is Kristina- I'm 22 and I recently moved to Saigon from the US. I am currently working as an English Teacher but I have way too much free time on my hands. I'd like volunteer/ work/ shadow doctors in hospitals or clinics multiple times a week. I want to go to medical school when I return to the US in a couple years, so I'd be interested getting up close and personal with patients- in the operating room even- as well as just spending time with disabled children teaching them english/playing with them.

I'd highly appreciate some suggestions for any hospitals I should go and check out- hospitals/clinics that accept international volunteers/interns with at least some doctors/staff members capable of speaking English.

I am open to volunteering in/ shadowing doctors in all departments just for the exposure but the fields that interest me most include surgery, oncology, orthopedics and emergency medicine. I speak intermediate Vietnamese and can communicate sufficiently enough in everyday conversation but I'd prefer to have some English speakers around if I'm trying to learn the technical side of medicine. I'm currently located in district 4 and am open to traveling across the city to a hospital in a different part of town, but my preference would be not to spend most of the day traveling.

I appreciate any and all help! Merely the name of a hospital and maybe a contact would great, or if you happen to work/volunteer at a medical center yourself I would love to tag along with you one day!

Thank you everyone in advance!

Hi Kristina, hope that you'll soon be enlightened, in the meantime, I suggest you to post an advert in the section Jobs in HCMC, it may help.;)


I suggest you approach the hospitals specialising in Foreigner patients, unless you speak Vietnamese.

I have sent you a PM. I don't think hospitals would look at advertisements here, I never have.

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[at] Harmonie/Jaitch: Thanks for the responses and the suggestions! The point of this post was really to see if I could find any other expats/locals that were already established in hospital volunteer programs and are willing to share their information- I wasn't really hoping to be directed contacted by a hospital or anything as a result of this post...but thanks so  much for the pm/link Jaitch! That will be very helpful :]

[at]Wld: I really have no idea what you're trying to say XD It sounds a little chastising and pretentious though so I'm not sure I appreciate it :/

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