Need Help living in Belgium Legally

I am married to a Belgian Citizen.  I am about to be without a job and my wife owns a house and has a job waiting for her in Belgium.  I am trying to find out what I need to do to leaglly enter and live in Belgium.  I have no intentions of working if I can avoid it.  I will be home schooling our children.  If I do seek employment it will be at the military base or a last resort to provide food and clothing.

My whole family is dual citizens except me.  I am the one that is holding us up from returning.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

EEA family reunification at the commune if not a visa national, in advance as a visa if you are a visa national. As you are married to a Belgian, she should be capable of googling this and following instructions.

What is an EEA?  What is ment by visa national?

My wife is also looking into this and trying to find the information.  Her embassy website is very confusing on the subject.  It only lists two visas a retirement and a work.

To further complicate things my father-in-laws lawyer says that I can just come live there because we married in Belgium.

Americans do NOT need visas to come to Belgium!!!!!

They can therefore arrive, go to the maison communale / gemeentehuis with their EEA partner and ask for permission to stay as a spouse. It doesn't matter where you married either. If your wife is Belgian, well then she is EEA and you are allowed to live here, ON CONDITION you can be supported by your spouse.

Here is a handy map showing which nationals can travel visa free to Belgium (and other Schengen countries), you'll see America cleared marked as thus.

what if i am the one that wants to work?.. im in the same situation american married to a memeber of the EEA..we want to move to belguim. but my wife doesnt want to work.. i do.. well actually my ideal is to be autonomous.. meaning self employed.. how can we do this?

same as above

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