Propose my collection of lingerie (french style)

Hello !

I appear, my name is Dalila native of Metz but life on Paris since few years... I left my work since qlqs weeks to concentrate on my project, create my own mark(brand) of lingerie.
It is also for it that I allow "to bring in" in conversation with you all because on one hand you live low, you are all women and also because you know good and bad quoted of Saudi Arabia!
I am registered on this site and it is good for me to know before to come in Saudi Arabia...
I wish really know of the people living in Saudi Arabia because as I said it, you are better " councillors and connoisseurs " of the country but also the product which I wish to market bottom.
According to your time and desire, could be passed on to me your knowledge and your on-the-spot real-life experience with good and bad quoted and to say to me if you know already of the women have a business coming from France to make of the business with Saudi Arabia?!? And typical female's product as the lingerie...
An enormous THANK YOU for your support !!!!

PS : About the accommodation(housing), as woman then I to come only for the busiess and to sleep only in a hotel either it will be necessary to know on-the-spot people... ??! :)


If your product is in line with that of 'Victoria Secrets", then you may have a hit in you hands.

Personally, I would launch your product as an on-line business.

Check out businesses in the U.A.E, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar. If you set a company here a percentage of the profit goes to a Saudi. I think it is 30%. If I am wrong, can someone else correct me.

I know a few Bankers and could point you in the right direction, if you wish.

Good luck.

20% tax

Going online first is one option, but online shopping doesnt seem to be too big here. I would probably start a house parties sale system where you host a small gathering of maybe 6-10 women and display your products. It's quite structured. I used to work in retail and I might be able to have some documentation to help you set this up if you wanted to try. Lemme know :)

Nadsaw, what is 20% tax...? If you make business you must pay a tax? That's right...? Can you explain me ! Thanks ! :)

Hello and thanks a lot for your answer ! :)
It is what I want do but first, I need some help for coming in Saudi Arabia coz I'm in Paris now... How can I do to come there ?? The ambassad here told me than I need a letter host from Saudi and not expat' ! :( Hard for me !!
If you know how can I do, I'll be soooooo happy !! :)
Take care !

Hello Susan and thank you for you answer and help !!
No I'm not VS but my lingerie collection is more french style ;)

They must know me if I want to propos my collection from on-line business and how they can know me if I cannot come even few days...?

About my company, everything is registred in Paris, I don't want have a company in Saudi Arabia coz everything is already in France. I just want to propos my collection to some lingerie shop and actually, to propos with house party sale with some Saudi woman (10-15 woman),Private sale.

Do you know how can I do Susan ? Thanks !

If you have some documentation about sales house party or something like that, I'll be absolutly interested !! For sur ! :)

I want do something online but I need to come first and see ! Even few days...

This is my email adress : [email protected]

I hope to hear from you soon :)

Okay, I will contact you tomorrow. Let me make a few calls first in regards to your proposal of business in Saudi.

Thanks a lot !!! :) :)


Need to know, are you male or female?

I'm female and I have 31 years old and not married... I tell you that but I don't know if you need it ! I don't if you need that ?! :)


This is my email adress : [email protected]

I've sent the house party plan info to you, if you don't find it in your inbox check your spam folder.

Hope it all works out!

Hello Mariam !

Thank you sooooo much!! You are absolutly brillant and this document is perfect!!! It will help me a lot!! I'll send you a message in you box...
xxx  :) :)

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