Belgium Visa related Questions?


This is Vijay from India,
My employer has applied for a Belgium Visa for around 3 weeks,due to some personal reasons I am unable to go ,I have checked with Belgium Visa center that one has to be submit a cancellation application ,and currently my status is being shown as "your application has been submitted to consulate general of Belgium,DELHI",does the above status indicate that my visa is still not stamped on my passport?actually this is the first time I am getting into Visa related things so does the status also indicate the my passport is exactly in the state in which I had submitted?

also,can some one confirm that if i fill the cancellation form and get my passport back,will it be stamped with a "cancellation without prejudice" stamp like in USA visa?or is there a different process?

Please reply ASAP.

Looking forward for your guidance.


Ask the visa issuing post, no-one here can answer your questions unless they are working at the visa issuing post where you applied for a Belgian visa.

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