Hello I guess an introduction is in order.

I am an American. I currently live in Florida in the Tampa Bay area. I am in discussions with a construction management firm to come work in Riyadh as a project manager on a number of medical facilities in the city. I have a Construction Management Degree along with over 27 years project management, estimating and development experience on a variety of projects including hospitals, hotels, schools, office buildings, retail and condominium projects. I have a number of hobbies, but I have a feeling there will be very little outlet in Riyadh for most of them. I am a certified cave diver, so hopefully, if I do come to Riyadh, I will have some spare time to do some diving on the Red Sea. I understand the diving can be quite spectacular.

If things do work out, I hope I will have a chance to meet a number of the forums members. I have read through the various sections of the forums and found them quite helpful . Guess that's it for now, and thanks for the help so far.

Welcome to the forum!  Hope it all works out for you :)

Welcome to EB!!  Ahhh Tampa ... I had some good memories commuting from Houston to Tampa weekly for almost a year!!!!  Our offices were on Dale Mabry in the Northdale complex.  The Cuban restaurant next door was AWESOME!!!! :)

Welcome at the EB  PMUSA and hope you will find good information here.

Welcome to Expat.com :D

Thanks for the detailed intro, I feel like I know you already! :p

Welcome to EB and possibly KSA :)  My husband (who you'll find trolling the boards) and I both moved over here from the gulf coast area of Florida this past year.  It's really not a bad place and if you're interested in diving, my husband used to go all the time in Jeddah so he might be able to give you some information.  It's a bit of a trip, but worth it from what I understand.  As long as you come with an open mind that things aren't going to be like they are in the states, and you don't limit yourself to just your housing area I think you might enjoy it.

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