What are the resonable terms when signing a rental contract?

Dear Ex-Pats,

Next month I plan to sign a contract to rent an apartment in a Tunis Suburb on annual basis.

So, I need your guidance on the following aspects:

1) If I have to terminate a contract for whatever reason, what is the average penalty, in terms of the no. of months of rent, the Ex-Pats in Tunisia agree to pay to the owner of an apartment/house

2)Do your rental contracts have clauses that provide for the contract to be void if you have to leave Tunisia for any or all of the following reasons beyond our control:

Political situation
Residency Visa is refused
In the case of a couple,if a spouse dies and the surviving spouse (especially the wife)is unable to live live alone in Tunisia and has to return to the home country (in our case, we have no children and the surviving spouse would have to return to USA).

Looking forward to reply,

Shiraz Dhanani

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