I got a job offer to work in one of the island resort in Maldives

Please may I know weather the resorts provide free WiFi for the employees and how the telecommunications work, thank you

Dear Mooch.                                                                          Please can you update me about Kuramathi resort please regarding the facilities for the staff, thank you

Does anyone still on this forum? I am moving soon to Maldives and have sooooo many questions... thanks for you heeeelp

Hi everyone
I just got a job offer in Maldives.
Have tons of questions, plz help me if you know anything about Hideaway Maldives, for example housing, living condition ...etc.
Most importantly, how does it like living in remote area and trapped in an island.
Plz help me, I appreciated it.

Hi Lee,

firstly, may I ask what's yr nationality ? And what's your job profession offered?

then I will give my advise, regards

Calvin Chan Chef

Hi Calvin,

I'm from Taiwan, my job position is IVD order taker.

Would you please give me some suggestions
Thank you very much.
Have a nice day

You are a girl or boy ?

simple advise :-

be friendly, socialble, kind & generous to others
(if girl, need to be careful; so better go anywhere with a close friend as accompany)

need to be adventurous like snorkelling, play games outdoor to be active mentally & physically healthy.
On rest day, try to visit other island 5 star hotels for your job exposure to gain new ideas as to improve your work profession.
do not keep to yourself in room most time as you will be dull & boring

anything else ?

Hi Calvin,

Thanks for the sdvices.

Some more questions here,
Would you please share how is it like working in a remote area and "trapped" in an island? Besides, job and bored whatelse would we encounter.

What kind of must have thing would you recommend before arrived in Maldives?

Thank you so much.

Hello guys! I am New here.  Do you have any info about Mercure maldives? Is it a nice place to work? How's the staff facilities? Do they provide food in the accommodation? Internet? How do expats sends their money back home? Is there any near market to that place? Sorry if I have a lot of questions.

Hi Mike:) I'm  considering a job offer in Vilamendhoo Resort and I find your advice  very useful. Can you tell me something about the conditions in this resort

Hi Mike. do you know anything abou the hotels Maafushivaru and the Baa atolls four season?  i would like any information about the living and working in those hotels.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Guys,

I'am new here. From Philippines.

Just waiting for my working permit for a printing company in Male. Just want to ask some advice specially from  a Filipino. If I'am traveling to Maldives do I have to go to POEA for OEC or just a tourist? Pls...pls..need your advice pls....

what is service charges policy in maldives .

Hi. Excuse me. Could u just introduce a little bit about jumeirah 's accommodation conditions? Thank u so much

Hello..iam coming to Maldives next month to search a job in hospitality industry, specifically in a hotel or resort as a Front Office Manager. Having 6 years of experience. My friend lives in Maldives and I will be accommodating with him. Guys if anyone from hospitality industry can guide me or help me out to hunt a job will be a gr8 help. Thanx in advance.

Hi ,

How are you ? Which Resort you got offer ? Are you already in Maldives ?

Hi. i am also interested to do work in Maldives. Can you help me to find a visa sponsorship job in Maldives. Now i am in Malaysia. Working here. I am a citizen of Bangladesh. I am well educated. I am working here as an accountant.

Most of the resorts providing a 10% service charge.

Here are the service charge updates. https://maldivessc.com



Wow .. Great News.. This Is Viju from Maldives ,, If u need any assistance here in City Male ( Capital )
dont hesitate to call me .. here is my number ***

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Hi MIke,
I am working on the design of a new resort and was wondering about staff quarters, such as what is important to make them good to live in in order to retain staff... could you help on this ?



Hi LeoDiver,

did you find any good information on living in staff quarters ?



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