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Hi.everybody.I am a Chinese woman .27 years old.I have been living in Belgium for 7 months now.I moved here with my daughter for the reason of marriage with my Belgain husband.I don't know anything here and I don't have any here is totally different for me.different to get a normal job.ect..I miss my family and my friends in China very much.sometimes I really feel alone.I  wish I could make some new friends make my life more interesting.I am learning dutch at the would be perfect if I can make some dutch friends to help my dutch..:)

Hello angela0401.

Welcome to! :)

I am sure you'll meet a lot of new people here.

Thank you,

the same with me i'm 6 month here & learning duth language now.we can be friends here:)maybe we can meet2 if u want'i'm from indonesia Bali.


You are not alone, It is very different here, I am from Australia and I struggle at times with things here...

Feel free to send me a email or if you want to talk, let me know via email and I be happy to give you a call :)

Regards Scallywag

I am from South Africa living in liege and also need
to make friends :-)

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we can be friends if u want:)

I'd love to :)

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