New in Riyadh

hi all

I just moved to Riyadh .... I’m looking for friends and recommendations where can spend my weekends and what activities can I do

making new friends is my passion ..... let’s meet up and make the good times roll ;)

many thanks

hi nikos,

welcome to EB and welcome to Riyadh. You will be able to find a lot of friends here, and a lot thru EB also. Riyadh is not that borring but depends on your activities. Anyway all the best, and welcome on-board.

Welcome to EB and Riyadh.  I concur with azhar_bf!  Make sure you get out and don't confine yourself to your living quarters or you will go a tad crazy.  Though, I believe some of us were a little crazy before we got here ;)

Hello Nikos :)

Many welcomes to the K of S A! is a good networking place to start, can be quite entertaining here at times :D 

So what brings you here?

Hi buddy

I'm interested in your profile and I am keen to meet you to be friends. If you are keen let's meet in some coffee shop or anu restaurant.

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