Looking for jobs abroad. Teacher of Russian, English, Ukrainian

Hello. My name is Nataliya. I am a professional English-Ukrainian-Russian translator interested in working for company that has a strong interest in Russia, Ukraine and other eastern European countries where you outsource raw materials and prompting your decision to employ few staffs from the region who will become sole representative of the company in the region in the future. I am a professional and reliable Russian, Ukrainian and English speaker. My English is fluent and I've worked through the topics starting from the agriculture to the steel engineering, so the terminology and the documentation processing is close to me.  My work experience of a translator, chief assistant, and sales manager will do the best.

I am highly flexible and willing to travel with the company representative to the eastern European region providing assistance and translation services. If you will need any detailed information please contact me any time.

Thereafter, to confirm my availability and interest I am emailing my updated CV and

Have a fantastic time and I look forward to your response.



Email: [email protected]

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You should post this advert in the jobs in Finland section as well.

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I am willing to pay someone, who can speak Russian/Ukrainian,
to teach English to someone in the Crimea.  Online, face to face, or anyway.
Thank you,  Peter

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Hello, my name is Patricia and I would like to teach Spanish in Finland in exchange of a stay. I am planning on traveling in a couple of months. Any input is highly appreciated.


My name is Anar and I would like to find a job related with Warehouse activity as Quality Inspector anywhere in the world.

Could you please assist in this.

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