Official Non-Working Days During TET

Dear HR Professionals, can you please advise what are the official dates covered by a holiday (non-working days) during TET in February. I heard some work resume February 15th but I also heard that officialpublic holiday is until February 15- meaning Friday 15th has no work yet. Will be happy to see references. Thank you.

JMReiner, here's three w/ref … n-holiday/ (Scroll down towards the middle of the page) … liday.html

Thanks, Budman. These are good basis to discuss with HR on our holiday dates. But I think officially, it's Feb 9-11 and 12 and 13 are just to offset bec the holiday falls on the weekend.

So these news are helpful. I am hoping that holiday will be until Feb 17 and come to work by the 18th.

Most local companies use the schedule from the public sector mentioned in the articles by Budman (give or take a few days). Anything significantly less would not make employees happy since many will have to go back to visit their hometown several hundred kilometers away (by bus)

Also, as per Vietnamese practice, you don't "discuss" with HR in Vietnam. They set the schedule.

The Tet vacation is the 'thirteenth' month for payroll. And it is often the only vacation people get for most of the year.

Many businesses close early so their staffs can travel back to their family homes which are often in other parts of VN.

Transportation is jammed and the transportation prices rise significantly to take advantage of the conditions.

Similarly, following the official vacation period, many businesses 'round off' the vacation to the following Monday (if within a couple of days) or a couple of days after the end of the official holiday.

In smaller towns and villages the places are dead on the first day of Tet, and not very lively until the third.

You should not visit friends on the first day of Tet unless you are invited to do so.

In TP HCM many of the usual facilities are closed - often for 10-14 days - so you would be well advised to stock up on the essentials beforehand. You will see that most supermarkets are using outside storage for the excess inventory brought in for the holiday.

Fortunately we have Cho Lon, and the Chinese celebrate every occasion with food. You will find many restaurants doing a roaring business!

Hotels are open so if you need a meal that is the place to head to. And remember to top up your transportation with fuel, or use a spare gas can, to ensure you have enough for the first couple of days.

Thanks, Jaitch. Always helpful. Wish you're in HCM.

Jaitch you out did yourself on this one. 9 lines of which none of them answered the op's question. Oh well as long as he's happy with the response that's all that counts.

Haha, it's easy Budman. Thanks to everyone who took their time to share information.

Thanks guy. Enjoy the long holiday.

I can't give you an "official" HR response, but will tell you that I deal with two primary companies - one Vietnamese, the other Taiwanese. They both have the same schedule:

6 February - Last day working before holiday.
18 February - First day return to working after holiday.

Different companies vary this by one or two days before and after the holiday. In my experience, it usually adds up to about 10 days to two weeks off.

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