looking for a clean (furnished) 1-bedroom apt in salmiya

hey, guys!

does anyone know any available for rent clean and bright 1 bedroom flat in Salmiyah or another quiet area easy to access from The Avenues Mall (we don't owe a car yet), because soon my husband and I will need to move out of the company's accommodation...

we could afford a rent in the 200 - 250 kd range...


Hi ladystorm,

You should post an advert in the housing in Kuwait section.

Thank you,

I already did, Christine. Thanks!

if u people searched accomodation here there near to samya or hawally,i will share wid u

nadeem139, we are looking to rent on our own an 1 bedroom apartment and we also have tWo cats... so sharing would not be possible, but thanks for the offer! and good luck!

ok dear  ladystorm,  tanx u too for good wishes,i meant i will  help u  to get for ur apartment here in hawaly or salmya

sorry, nadeem139, I thought you meant sharing the apartment, now I understand, you meant sharing info
if you could help us find something, it would be great, thank you!

crap, dear Lady S, i think my browser must have crashed when i was entering my rsponse earlier :/

firstly, welcome to Expat.com and Kuwait :D

secondly, salmiya is quite a commute from Avenues, as are Hawally, Jabriya, Salwa etc.

you are definitely bound to find something in your price range. only thing is, real estate in kuwait is volatile, people wont hold an apartment for u unless u "cross their palm with silver", savvy?

so, upon arrival in kuwait, check in to a hotel for a week or so, and then have someone show you and your husband around kuwait until you find your new home.

also, the local ad rags here are in arabic, with the "for rent" section containing dozens of entries, so finding a house upon arrival will NOT be a problem.


Thanks, legacy!
My husband is already there, actually, he's staying at the temporary accommodation offered by the employer and he already started to look around for the right apartment, this is why I posted the ad, because he can go straight to a certain address if anyone would know something available, similar to what we are looking for.
animal friendly building is a must!

Am looking foe 2 bedroom or one bedroom with big saloon located in Kuwait , Salmya or Salwa with Westerners neighbors only
Rent between 200 - 300 kd

Pls anyone know can contact me via mobile 99662042



landlords here dont particularly care much about animal friendly or not, just dont go advertising it to em. most of the time you'll find the landlord doesnt speak English much, and they'd be looking to fleece u for extra money. as such, you will find that your contract neither approves nor disapproves the presence of pets. so long as you keep em in your apartment and they dont disturb your neighbors with caterwauling, ur in the clear.

savvy? :)

i'll check the local ad rags and send any numbers your way to give to your hubby, sounds fair?

sounds great! thanks a lot, legacy!

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We are still looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment in Salmyia and it's been one month already. We found available only 2 bedroom and more... :(
Does anyone know any studio or 1 bedroom available for rent in Salmyia???

good day lady strom

try in the link below:




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