How to get married in Saudi arabi need help

As salaam alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatuhu

my name is aiman sadiq from india currently working in riyadh on job visa

couple of months ago i and my would be planed to marry, she is currently working in Bahrain we discuss with our parents on this and they permitted us to get married and we wish to get married in makkah but one of my friend told me its better to get married legally rather than marrying privately in haram shareef

she will come in march ending of this year (2013) and may be she can stay for 1 week in makkah al munawarra

so now i need your help so that i can marry with her in an Islamic and in a legal way too here i don't have any person who can guide me in a relevant way

waiting for your kind help


Here's some reading material for you.  I'm sure you'll find your answer:

Best of luck.

u owned his answers , Masha allah ^_^

U can marry easily u are both of Muslim so go courts of civil affairs then before u go get appointment https:
And get appointment when get message after go court then finish go with 2 witnesses

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