Hi all,

I have just relocated to Nairobi Last week. My children go to the French School. Being Lebanese/Egyptian, it is essential that they pursue the learning of Arabic language.

Can you please help me find an Arabic Teacher for my 2 children aged 5 and 6. I need someone to teach them reading and writing, 3 times a week. Please if you know anyone who's willing to teach please give them my email xxx

Lebanese/Syrian/Egyptian/Jordanian nationalities preferred. Thank you all.

Hi and welcome on board arige!

I might suggest you to post an advert in the classes section of Nairobi classifieds.
It might help!

Good luck

Hi Arige,

My son who is 5, has an Arabic / Qoran teacher twice a week. She is Kenyan, but she is very good and patient with kids. If interested I can give you her number.
Good luck in your search.

am Nahla from syria
I was searcging for work in nairubi
am 35 years
I have translation master
if it is possible to help me find work there so I can help teaching ur children Arabic
waiting ur reply
best regards

hi nahla please call me xxx

Hi, I realize this is an older post but I am urgently searching for an Arabic teacher for my husband. He is a beginner. In case you can recommend anyone, it would be much appreciated.

I have an Arabic tutor who teaches my children weekly. They have been studying Arabic for a couple of years. He is a young African, very amiable & keen to do more tutoring. He would mainly be available in the evenings as he has a day job, but can be flexible up to a point depending on your requirements. Let me know if you're interested & I can put you in touch with him.
Many Thanks

If you could put me in touch, that would be great. I  know my husband is really interested in finding a private teacher. Could you share his name and phone number with me and perhaps give me some idea what he charges an hour?

Many thanks!

@ agerlach > You might also want to post an ad in the Language classes in Nairobi section, it might help. ;)



Ok, His name is Vincent & he charges 1500 ksh per lesson/hour, (he quite often goes over the hour without extra charge) Contact number *****
Many Thanks

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Thank you so much! We spend about 3 weeks looking for somebody. Would be great if it works out. I will share the information with my husband.

I'm sure he'll work out. It took us months to find one. We needed someone who could make Arabic enjoyable & fun for beginners/children. Good luck!

One way of learning a language is talking it as often as possible. I learned to speak arabic in south sudan. Back in kenya no one to talk to. I have to make long distance calls in order to speak arabic. Your husband can calll me for conversations in arabic for faster learning. I too will have the chance to keep my arabic. Unfortunately i can't read arabic. Yet its a beautiful language when talking it.************

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That is nice offer James. My husband just started and might need a few months to get to a conversational level but might give you a call at that point.

I need a number of her.... And a address

Hello Sieunchoi,

This is an old thread. I suggest you drop an advert in the Language classes in Nairobi section of the website. You might get some offers.

All the best,


This is an old post but wanted to know your experience with the arabic teacher. I am looking for one to teach me and my kid. Please send through contacts

Kindly contact me via ***

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I can teach Arabic.. Am A graduated as an sociology.

Hi I would be interested in meeting the teacher
Please can you email me on s***

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Please send me telefon number for arabic teacher for privat lessons in  nairobi.


Hi, I know it's a very old post but I'm also looking for a Arabic teacher for my son if you still have the contact please let me know

@Aniesta > I would advise you to post a free ad in the language classes in Nairobi section.

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