anybody know of a Children's library in Riyadh..Olaya?

Hi there,

I am looking for a library which has a children's section for my one year old baby. I live in Olaya, Riyadh and would like to borrow some books out from the local library..if there is one? :|

So does anybody know of any libraries? :)

Libraries aren't a big thing in Saudi Arabia.  Here's a link to a thread but I don't know if these libraries include children sections in English (I'd highly doubt it).

Jarir has a decent kids section but of course you have to buy the books.  Maybe you can arrange a children's book swap through EB or your compound?

Best of luck!

Oh, and another idea:  you can get children's E-books VERY cheaply on Amazon.  Also, a fav site of mine is and they ship internationally for free.

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