From Germany to New York

At the moment I am living in Germany, and I decided to move to New York. I have been thinking about this for years... nearly all of my friends went to New York, and after the trip they didn't want to leave, it is pretty tempting. soooooo I am here to ask you guys a few questions:
1. Is it actually possible for me to move to New York, I mean a lot of you tried and is it difficult to settle down, or even get a job???????

2. Are the people nicer in New York than in Germany, because I know that most German people (I am French myself) are not so welcoming, it was really hard for me to have friends, will it be the same in New York???????

Yep I guess I am pretty demanding (sorry!), but it is really hard to move from a small town to a big city ))))))))

Thanks for answering :p

Hi and welcome to the forum anna2262!

Have you already downloaded the USA pdf guide?
It might be a good start.


Dear Anna:
New York is an exciting city, but also a very difficult place to live especially if you are:
- a foreigner without connections
- even if you are American but did not live in the US and do not have connections, it is very difficult to land here and expect to find a job.
- H1B visas are more difficult to get now, even for those with specific in-demand technical skills. If you are an IT specialist, then there may be a possibility of getting hired before you arrive, on an H1B work visa. But only under certain circumstances.
If you would like to discuss further, you can send me an email address or a telephone number and I will be happy to provide more explanations--en français, aussi. Oder auf Deutsch!

As for the people--I personally like the Germans, but it is easy to make friends in NYC. They won't all be keepers, but a few will stick around!

Hi anna2262! Welcome to and hopefully NYC soon!

First, the people in NYC are very warm and friendly. Contrary to notions that New Yorkers are snob and uptight. All you need to do is smile. People will smile back. Strike a conversation. Just don't be creepy. :)

For work, like the rest of the US, NY is affected by the recession. Not as much as other states but I can't deny that it is affected. That said, it depends on what you're looking for. I know people that get jobs even without papers (yes, they still do). Of course, this is not the preferred route but I use it just to demonstrate that jobs are available. Our company, and in particular, my group has not let go of anyone, ever. In fact, we've been hiring and I'm getting 2 new people this first quarter. Unfortunately, we do not sponsor working visas or green cards but I know companies that still do.

Many people come here for a 'vacation' and look for work while enjoying the city (just don't tell the immigration officer! :). You're usually allowed 6 months to 'vacation' and can extend it for another 6 months. Hopefully that's enough to land you something. It would help if you have friends you can stay with and know how to minimize your expenses (which means no shopping for LV on 5th until you get a job :). I know many who have survived and lived to tell about their story. Hopefully you'll be one of them.

Good luck on your quest and let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

Hello Anna:
New York is a vibrant city, it has world class amenities to enjoy and people are warm here. Although the life here is too busy. For some foreigners it is difficult to live here without connections
Lately New york has been facing recession so it is very difficult to find a job here now.

Here in new york the cost of moving is very hard,everything is expensive, 2 bedroom apartament 2,000$ a month and utilities separarte
Food,transportation way too much
And there no more
If you get a job they dont pay minuim wage
Is not fun been here....people feel pressure and struggle yo pay the bulls
All people here work to pay,rent,food,clothes

Yes you are right new york city economy is very hard and people feel pressure and struggle to pay bills
This is not a paradise

Uscitizen1986 :

All people here work to pay,rent,food,clothes

Is that not true throughout the world?

Food in New York is ridiculously expensive, but a metro card makes transportation easy.

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