Any New Rules regarding relocation to other country

currently i am working in Qatar. If I want to relocate to Dubai; can i relocate without cancelling my visa; some one told that this is not possible to relocate without cancellation; if we do so; there is a online tie-up among all Gulf countries; which denies visa processing when we have existing visa with current country. Is this true? any body share your updation.

You can only have visas in both Qatar and UAE if the sponsoring company is the same.  ie.  Two branches of the same company.

You have to check this with the person or organization that would sponsor your UAE visa; and also obtain clearance from the Qatar sponsor to allow you to retain the visa.  In principle one could hold both Qatar and UAE visa, but sponsorship issues need to be sorted out.  Obviously no issue when the sponsor is same (using his branches) in both countries.

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