Solar Panels / Garden Lights

Hi Guys,

Anyone knows where i can find the above? i googled and hit a few of the shops but what they advertised and what they have are completely two different things. I am looking for solar lamps for the drive way..Any leads will be appreciated.


Do you have any electronics assembly skills; can you read schematics?

How many do you need, man?  I can grab you a few, when I get back.

Ashard Deen I know exactly what your looking for. I shipped 2 dozen over here when I moved from Japan. The only place I’ve seen them  was at the Metro here in Can Tho. It was last year about this time. They sure look good at night, not too bright just a golden glow. Let me know please if you find any, mine are over 5 years old and truly show their age.

Hey Guys,

Jaitch -lol no, but i know how make clothes. IF you need any help in this department do let me know.

Howie, thanks bud, i want to see whether i can get them from here. When you back?

Budman1 -Sure, will let you know. Maybe i will hit up Metro here. Will keep you posted!


Ashard Deen :

Jaitch -lol no, but i know how make clothes. IF you need any help in this department do let me know.

Smarta*se remark to a serious question. The piece parts are available right in TP HCM.

Obviously of no use to you.

Jaitch i meant no disrespect but i was completely confused with what you wrote to me? if you mean can i get it assembled then i know people who can help me.. Do you know where to buy/look for in HCM? i thought you were just joking..

Alright fellas,

At Home Depot here, them lights come assembled.  All you will need to do is stick them where the sun does shine...  Yeah!  And they are good to go...

Wild_1 take a look at them again I think. I thought the same thing when I looked at the one's I bought. There's not a lot of assembling to do, but the battery has to be installed after you put 3 pieces together. The ones I bought in Japan where called "Malibu solar patio and garden lights". Is that Home Depot here in Can Tho the real thing? I just saw it today when I was going into town.

Jaitch, so where can i buy these to be assembled garden lights? do you know?

Centre Point Co,.Ltd
40D/4, Hoa Binh Street, Ward 5
Quan 11, TP HCM
(Alley 40D-opposite gate 1A of DAM SEN)

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Before embarking on this project think about alternatives. Are the light positions accessible underground (i.e. not in concrete) for if so you would be far better off in using a low voltage supply (12VDC) and feeding them by cable.

Solar panels and batteries fade over fairly short life spans which means you have to go back out and replace the worn parts.

Using a line power source also means the internal circuitry  can be very basic whereas solar sourced versions have to have voltage boosting circuits to up the voltage to feed the LED.

LEDs are one thing we are not short of in VN - I have a 60 watt LED as a headlight bought right here in HCM.

I made my wife's mini-hotel external mood lighting using easily obtained parts. All you have to do is gather the parts together and have someone else do the work.

Mine use the stainless steel 'balls' like you see on road dividers. All I had done was to have holes drilled in the 'balls' for the LEDs, have a rod welded on for the support post and that was it.

Another design, for a footpath, used VN coffee strainers (cafe sur). I simply had a hole drilled where the bottom filter is and welded a support post. Inside the filter I had a piece of clear plastic tube that projected about 3-4 cm above the lip. Inside was a small array of super-bright LEDs and then I covered the tube with the original lid of the coffee filter (glued).

The cost was under USD$5 each and they will last for at least 6-10 years as the LEDs are sparingly used.

We have the facilities and craftsmen in VN, imagination does the rest.

AD there's a few on Alibaba for sale: … light.html

Jaitch thanks for the details and very helpful. This was my house back home so i was wondering whether i can just purchase. Budman1 thanks mate, i saw a few off e-bay also but i thought i will be able to find a store here easily! That doesn't seem to be the case.

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