Tourism Job in Amsterdam???

Hey Everyone :)

I am 24 years old, Russian, grew up in south Germany and lived 5 Years in the Caribbean. I am back in Germany now for a few months but want to move to Amsterdam. I went to art school and graduated as Make up artist for opera and theater, and am a Tattoo artist now. In the Caribbean (Dominican Republic) I did those things, but as well worked for a big Catamaran company as tour guide and translator. I speak English, German, Spanish and Russian fluent, including reading and writing in all four.
I am very interested in the Amsterdam tourism, and would like to know if anyone has Info about that? I mean tourism must be booming there , and I imagine that guides who speak the tourists Languages might be needed?
I worked on those Catamarans for almost 4 Years and did all kinds of Tours, talking to the guests and giving them briefings about the area, the history and culture... sometimes in all 4 languages at the same time. So If someone could help me on this, that would be awesome!!!

Hi and welcome on board  Olga.M.D. !

Maybe you could try posting an advert in the Amsterdam jobs section.
It might be helpful.


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