Looking Handcraft job

Ii will live in Estonia Tallinn soon this year with my husband from Britain.im Asian,I like handcraft,looking a handcraft job work from home,as I ever live in Denmark before,I have job like this where I take stuff from handcraft company and she pay me after I  finished and  bring back to her,that's great job.anybody know such job in Estonia.?
Thank you

Hi Jenkay1970,

welcome to Expat.com!

You may post an ad in the jobs in Estonia section.

Best of luck and happy new year 2013!


Hi Christine.
Thank you so much for reply,so far I didn't find any job like that.but I will keep looking n may be I will found one.never know:)
Another question to u Christine,are u from Asia and live in Estonia?

Wish all the best to u too


Hello Jen.

Christine is from Mauritius Island and forms part of the Expat Blof Team. ;)

Wish you good luck in your job search,

Hello Jen!

Good luck with your job hunting. I udnerstand you're from Sabah. Are you a native Sabahan?

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