Meet French/European people

Hey Guys,

My name is Margot and I am 25 years old and French. i've been living in the US for the past 5 years. Suddently, I realized I didnt know any French/Eruopean people here (well okay 1person). I would love to meet some Frenchies/Europeans.

Je m'appelle Margot, j'ai 25 ans et je suis Francaise. Ca fait 5 ans que j'habite aux Etats Unis et j'ai soudainement pris conscience que je ne connaissais pas de Francais ou d'Européen (ok 1 personne). J'aimerai beaucoup rencontrer des Francais ou Européens.

See ya soon

Welcome to Margot!

Hope that you'll get a lot of nice contacts here.;)

You may take a look at the francophone forum.


Same here,

Let's meet sometime, I want to speak french!


If you're in Brooklyn, you're surrounded by Europeans.  Go to Brighton Beach, Bay Ridge, Gerritsen Beach.

Hello Margot, I m French and I ve been visiting my fiancée in Lincoln, NE from september to december and I met some french people by going to the university to meet some french teachers there. I also met some Swiss guys. Where are you living ?

Hi peeps!
My name is Nathalie, i've lived in the US for 11 years now and I would love to meet some French people here in new York. I've lived in many cities mainly south California, then Las Vegas -Nevada, and Phoenix -Arizona, last I'm in New York -New York where I really want to stay and make connections for fun and for work. I can teach English to you and your children.
Please, do not hesitate to write back! Thanks.

Je m'appelle Nathalie, ca fait 11 ans que je vis aux Etats Unis et j'aimerais beaucoup rencontrer des personnes Francaises ici a new York. J'ai vecu dans plusieures villes en particulier au sud de la Californie, ensuite a Las Vegas dans le Nevada, et Phoenix en Arizona, maintenant je vis a New york ou j'aimerais vraiment m'etablir pour rester et me connecter pour le plaisir et travail. Je peux enseigner l'Anglais a vous et vos enfants.
N'hesitez pas a me repondre! Merci


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