Paying utility bills in Vietnam

Hello expat community,

I really like my stay here in Saigon. Everything is just so easy going here...
Except paying your utility bills :(
We spent half of our x-mas dinner in the dark, as the electricity company thought it's more romantic to celebrate christmas without electricity.
That sucks! So who knows an easy way to pay your utility bills in Vietnam?

Thanks for your help!

My goodness. This is the easiet bill to pay! Walk into the majority of Banks here and pay at their counters. Examples are. Vietinbank, DongABank, Sacombank, Agribank, Eximbank, Techcombank! There must be One near your home?? Happy New Year

It is best, in my experience, to get all except the EVN-HCM (electricity)

Electricity: Offices and banks of rear of bill. They will attempt 2 collections and then terminate. Caution: There is a breaker in the meter box that is very fast acting. They often pop before the one in the house.

Note: Landlords and electricians occasionally cross-connect house wiring; try a few odd nights with the main switch off and see if anyone ls complains.

Water: In TP HCM there are water company offices in every district. Addresses on bills.

Cable TV: Have the account in your name. Collectors will call at least once (except PMH). Rarely disconnect (even when requested)

Garbage Collection: Collect at house (can be avoid by tossing the bags on the street).

Telephone: VNPT - any VNPT office, designated banks and Post Offices. If you don't get a bill there is a number to order a nw bill sent.

InterNet: VNPT - sign up at their office on Nguyen Du. Take visa, etc. with you. They will deliver modem but you have to return it (receipt) before the account is closed.

If you down grade service (speed) there is a fee. Instead cancel service, return modem then next day sign on for degraded service.

Upgrades no service charge.

Fibre optic cable has a minimum service contract (around one year).

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