Salary range for architects in Erbil

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I'm an architect from Lebanon and I want to take a view regarding the salaries of architects in Erbil, if anyone knows and inform me,I'm appreciate that.

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My wife is an architect from Iran. When she first arrived she was making about $1200 per month working for a very small startup company. Later she got a job working for one of the new housing communities and was making around $1500-$2000 per month. Now she has a higher position and is making $2400. Those prices are about average when working with local companies, but foreign companies will pay a lot more (about as much as they pay in their home countries).

Local wages for project managers in construction range from $3000-5000 per month, depending on level of experience.

hi everybody ...
i am an architect from syria working in (izmir) turkey
i need more information about work and salaries for architects in your country

thanks alot

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