Fees for visas, temporary residence cards to increase from 2013

Anatta wrote:
Someonelikeyou wrote:

I got a 6 month multiple entry B3 visa in Phnom Penh for US$160, plus US$20 for "rapid service"... and it was 1 month before the new circular... Was I victim of a racket?
Anyway, victim of my ignorance, for sure. I was in a rush so I couldn't check :(

I am quoting the official rate. You most likely have used an agent who, of course, needs to charge you for his service as the middleman. I don't know the exact going rate for such a service. The current official rate is 100 USD, but even embassies charge 120 USD for similar visa with 20% surcharge for 48 hrs express service so it does not sound too expensive for a visa for such a long stay and multiple entry done by a middleman, plus they save you significant paperwork sth you may not able to do, if you want to do it yourself.

I didn't use an agent, I've been to the Viet ambassy in Phnom Penh myself, and the guy told me it was 160$ for a 6 month multiple entry visa. I paid 20$ more (total 180$) to have it quick. And it was really quick : I got it in about 20 minutes. The prices suprised me so I looked in the room and I didn't find any note on the wall about prices, and the Viet ambassy's website only show the prices for 1 to 3 month visas. As I was on a hurry, I didn't discuss the price, to avoid they change their mind and make me wait a few days instead of minutes...

In that case, they are overcharging you by 40USD.

The official website of the Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia cites (they still have not updated with the new fee schedule yet) circular 236/2009/TT-BTC of December 15, 2009 which regulated the fees charged by Vietnamese embassies before 1.1.2013.

http://www.vietnamembassy-cambodia.org/ … 521170031/

Per 236/2009/TT-BTC of December 15, 2009, the official fee charged by embassies should have been 120USD, as I mentioned earlier, + 20% for express service (30% for same day service)

http://luatkhaiphong.com/Van-ban-Tieng- … -4768.html