Hi All,

I am looking for friends, travel mates, and more. I have plans to tarvel over all the STANS in the coming summer, please any one interested?

Age no limit, I would prefer from 30 to 70.

My use ID is my yahooo email.

Looking forward hearing from you people


I might be interested, if I am still not working. I have been based in Afghanistan for last 3 years, but currently Im out of work.  Pls touch base with me before you start your travels.Cheers

Thanks a lot but we may know each other, please?

You can please send me any private messages on this site, to the private message box ..
I'll be in Kabul next week, so let me know if you need anything from there regarding travel. tourism, ect. Im thinking of doing a horse trek in Wakan corrider and Tajikstan in mid August for a month!


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